The void left by Emotet’s global takedown in January provided ample growth opportunities to several threats, and apparently, Trickbot has made its moves to fill in the gap. According to the latest Global Threat Index by Check Point, Trickbot overtook Emotet and has become the new top global threat. In addition, the Check Point report provided insights on various other threats looming across the internet.

Trickbot's power show

Cybercriminals have likely picked Trickbot as their new tool of choice because of its efficiency, flexibility, and success record in high-profile and expensive campaigns.
  • Since the beginning of 2021, the malware has launched several phishing and malware attack campaigns.
  • In addition to frequent attack campaigns, regular updates by its operators helped Trickbot keep its momentum. They released a more persistent version (version 100003) of the malware in January.
  • The operators added a new module, which would scan local network systems with open ports for a faster lateral movement.

Other threats in the list

Besides Trickbot, the other malware popular among threat actors include XMRing, followed by Qbot.
  • The top mobile malware list includes the likes of Hiddad, followed by the xHelper malware which has an ad stuffer and the FurBall mobile remote access trojan.
  • The list of top exploited vulnerabilities includes Web Server Exposed Git Repository Information Disclosure vulnerability, HTTP Headers Remote Code Execution (CVE-2020-13756) vulnerability, and MVPower DVR Remote Code Execution vulnerability, impacting 48%, 46%, and 45% organizations, respectively.

Summing up

Trickbot has established itself as a versatile threat in the past few months, while other malicious threats are presenting new challenges to security professionals across the globe. To dodge such threats, experts recommend keeping applications and devices patched. Providing frequent training to employees is considered one of the best ways to protect an organization from cybersecurity breaches.

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