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Unknown ransomware cripples computer systems of Aebi Schmidt

Unknown ransomware cripples computer systems of Aebi Schmidt
  • The Switzerland-based manufacturer is the latest in the ransomware attacks perpetrated against manufacturing firms.
  • The ransomware is reported to have affected a major part of the company’s European base.

Aebi Schmidt, which develops and manufactures special-purpose vehicles and attachments, was hit with ransomware recently. As a result, the company halted its operations since yesterday. According to TechCrunch, the ransomware attack significantly impacted Aebi Schmidt’s European base leaving a number of systems non-operational. Systems specific to manufacturing operations were the ones primarily affected.

Worth noting

  • Windows systems belonging to Aebi Schmidt and its US subsidiaries were crippled by unidentified ransomware on Tuesday.
  • The attack impacted systems across the world. TechCrunch also reported that the company’s email service was affected by this attack.
  • On the other hand, SAP business and sales systems of Aebi Schmidt were operational after the attack.
  • Post the attack, employees were sent home, with some of them being forced to take unpaid leaves.

What was the cause of the attack?

Thomas Schiess, a spokesperson for Aebi Schmidt, told TechCrunch that the reason for the attack was still not ascertained. “I can confirm that the availability of other systems was or may still be limited, our specialists are still working on resolving the issue, the cause is not yet clear. Technicians are working hard to restore the Windows environment, but this will take some time,” he said.

Ransomware attacks against large manufacturing firms have seen a rise in recent years. In March, Norwegian firm Norsk Hydro, one of the world’s largest aluminum producers was hit with LockerGoga ransomware. The attack resulted in the firm switching to manual operations.

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