A warning has been issued by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to its customers regarding a phishing scam. This scam is an attempt to steal the personal details of the targeted victims.

The phishing scam

The phishing scam involves spam messages laden with links, with text messages promising $1,500 in state fuel rebates, as compensation against the rising fuel prices.
  • Those who click on the links are redirected to a webpage created to look like the DMV website and urged to enter their personal information. The submitted information is sent to the attackers.
  • Further, the stolen information can be used to commit identity theft or install malicious software.
  • DMV has further provided additional information on phishing scams and examples of text messages used to fool the recipients. 
  • Thus, users are warned by DMV  to stay alert if they receive text messages or emails that appear suspicious.

Phishing: an effective attack vector

Recently, a phishing campaign was abusing the Follina (CVE-2022-30190) vulnerability to spread the Rozena backdoor. 
  • Last month, a phishing attack used Facebook Messenger chatbots to steal credentials to manage Facebook pages.
  • Additionally, a phishing technique used Microsoft Edge WebView2 apps to steal the authentication cookies of victims.


The NYS Office has provided multiple recommendations for staying protected from such phishing scams. This includes avoiding sending personal information via email and keeping an eye on poor spelling or grammar in the emails asking for any such details. Further, stay aware of the use of threats or the URL not matching the legitimate site, and double-check it from an authentic source.
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