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Creating Incident Workflows at Scale is Now Easy with Cyware

Creating Incident Workflows at Scale is Now Easy with Cyware

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MSSPs spend a lot of time configuring incident workflows for each of their managed client tenants. CFTR v3.2 release now comes with the ability to export and import existing incident workflows in JSON file format, thereby eliminating the need to re-create workflows from scratch. This will allow the MSSP security teams to import their workflows across multiple client tenants without investing too much unnecessary time and effort. The new capability also will enable enterprise security teams to simply export their incident workflows from a testing environment to a production stage, leading to quick incident workflow configuration.

What’s New?

  • Export and import workflows across multiple tenants and instances. 
  • Create fields and add them to the field library automatically. 

Use Cases

  • Reusability of incident workflows: Security teams can reuse incident workflows across CFTR tenants. This means incident workflows can be created for one tenant and can be reused by exporting them for other tenants, saving workflow creation time and maintaining consistency.

  • Replication of workflows: Security teams can move the workflows from the testing environment to the production environment and replicate them within their own ecosystem. This enables them to use a tried and tested incident workflow, thereby saving time and effort. 

Summing Up

The ability to export incident workflows allows CFTR users to replicate a successful and common incident response process for every tenant. In a nutshell, CFTR v3.2 empowers its users in enhancing the manageability of incident workflows, saving significant time in configuring incident workflows and creating fields, and maintaining consistency of incident response flow. 

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Posted on: February 28, 2023

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