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Let’s Talk Security Automation The Low-Code Way!

Let’s Talk Security Automation The Low-Code Way!

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Big or small, every organization needs to be real quick in detecting and responding to an attack.

Automating security processes should not require advanced programming skills, automation design knowledge, and dependence on niche talent. 

With Cyware Orchestrate, you can overcome all these challenges and automate your security processes using low-code security automation capabilities. 

Just click, drag-and-drop!
Step 1: Click on the playbook button in Cyware Orchestrate and select the security workflow 
Step 2: Fill in all the relevant data 
Step 3: Add nodes by dragging and dropping them in the playbook canvas
Step 4: Configure the nodes with the required input data
Step 5: Set playbook triggers

In just five simple steps, you can create a playbook to automate any complex security workflow.

That’s a breeze, isn't it?

For agile teams, smaller but smarter teams, or teams with limited coding capabilities, low-code automation is the answer to automating all security workflows. Low-code security automation helps security teams to easily and quickly automate use cases such as:
  • Automating ingestion, processing, and remediation of SIEM and EDR alerts
  • Threat intelligence enrichment
  • Vulnerability management
  • Case management
  • Security actioning including remediation of suspicious attacks
  • Malicious threat data analysis
  • Detecting fraudulent activities in real-time
  • and much more……

Build security automations faster and better!
Cyware Orchestrate is built for teams that want to quickly build automated workflows without depending on advanced programming skills. With Cyware Orchestrate, security teams can increase their productivity, reduce resource costs, and achieve faster turnaround with increased flexibility. 

  • Get more done in less time: With Cyware Orchestrate, you can build faster automations using 100+ prebuilt out-of-the-box templates and drag-and-drop features.
  • Access to Appstore: Cyware Orchestrate comes with an Appstore that comprises a broad range of apps, which can integrate with different Cyber, IT, and DevOps tools. You can install apps, configure parameters, create instances, and subsequently use these apps in a suitable Playbook.  
  • Easy customization: If needed you can build custom workflows and playbooks using an inbuilt low-code visual playbook editor. Low-code automation gives more control to users to customize their workflows as per their needs. 

Want to get rid of writing heavy codes for automating security workflows? Get in touch with us!


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Posted on: August 25, 2022

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