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Reinforce Threat Investigation Data with Interactive Threat Bulletins

Reinforce Threat Investigation Data with Interactive Threat Bulletins

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Threat Bulletins enable security teams and stakeholders to make smarter business decisions while helping them keep pace with the evolving threat landscape. The enhanced Threat Bulletin feature in the latest version of our threat intelligence platform, CTIX v3.1, enables security analysts to create and circulate threat bulletins to their subscribers, members, or other organizations, enabling them to have all the threat data they need for investigations.

What’s New?

  • Create Threat Bulletins in STIX and PDF formats: Security analysts can now easily create Threat Bulletins and share them in STIX and PDF formats via emails with their subscribers, members, or other organizations, including Head of SOC and Head of Threat Intel. 
  • Intuitive design and graphics: Security analysts can create well-designed and intuitive Threat Bulletins comprising tables, graphics, and pictures. Moreover, they can also add objects from the Threat Data module using CQL to add more context to their Threat Bulletin. 
  • Create finished intel reports: By using the Threat Investigations module, security analysts can generate finished intel reports by including tags TLP, MITRE ATT&CK mapping, and investigations.

How Does it Empower Security Teams?

  • Single point of dissemination: This upgraded feature relieves analysts from performing multiple actions for collating threat data and sharing it further. The feature has been upgraded majorly for security teams involved in sharing intel with multiple teams and stakeholders while providing them the convenience of distributing and recording the information in multiple formats, such as STIX and PDF via email.
  • Aid faster threat investigation: A Threat Bulletin can be published automatically to create contextualized and rich intel, helping analysts to expedite their investigations. When it is shared, it becomes threat intel for the stakeholders and peer organizations, and when received, it is a report object. 
  • Improved decision making: After performing threat analysis, security analysts can create visually appealing and engaging investigation reports and share them ahead with security and governance stakeholders for visibility and informed decision making. CTIX users can choose from various formats and templates, as well as add multiple attachments and images as evidence of the investigation.

Create and Share Threat Bulletin Now

CTIX's Threat Bulletin feature enables security teams to provide an overview of recent threat activities and emerging trends, giving security and governance stakeholders the intelligence they need to act. The capability to custom create their own Threat Bulletins in the new CTIX v.3.1 and share them ahead with subscribers solves the long-pending challenge faced by security teams globally while enabling them to capture strategic threat insights based on evidence and validated research.

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Posted on: May 18, 2022

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