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Skyrocket Your Security Automation Journey with 150+ Pre-Built Playbook Templates

Skyrocket Your Security Automation Journey with 150+ Pre-Built Playbook Templates

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Automating security workflows can be a daunting task. Creating the right approach takes time and resources–which security teams rarely have in ample quantities. That’s where Cyware Orchestrate comes into play. Not only does our platform provide pre-built use cases, but it also equips security teams with the capability to customize them instantly, without requiring advanced programming skills, as per their specific response need.

Pre-Builts that can be Customized

Cyware Orchestrate functions as a single, centralized, low-code vendor-agnostic orchestration and automation platform that provides security teams with the flexibility to automate workflows in minutes, without having to write complex codes.

Cyware Orchestrate empowers security teams to jumpstart their automation journey by operationalizing hundreds of useful pre-built playbook templates. With these customizable pre-built use cases, security teams can scale their automation workflows efficiently without compromising their security needs. 

Cyware makes it easy for security teams to manage common use cases, such as:
  • Automated Phishing Analysis and Response 
  • Ransomware Alert Response
  • Automated Threat Intel Enrichment 
  • Automated Malware Detection and Containment 
  • Automated SIEM Incident Case Management
  • Automated SOC Event Handling

Benefits of Pre-Built Playbook Templates

Whether it’s automating basic security processes like phishing responses or tackling complex workflows where human decision-making is required, Cyware Orchestrate provides robust capabilities to create effective workflows and helps deliver a smarter and faster threat response. Let’s learn about Cyware Orchestrate features that will help you implement agile automation use cases.

Out-of-the-box playbooks: You can kickstart your security orchestration and automation efforts by utilizing a vast library of 150+ pre-built playbooks, which can be tailored to suit your security needs. Moreover, you can deploy nested playbooks to create efficient subtask workflows with dynamic logic to address a wide range of use cases.

Low-code visual playbook editor: You can quickly and easily create powerful automation capabilities by developing logical security workflows from the user-friendly low-code SOAR playbooks equipped with a Python 3-powered visual playbook editor that allows you to edit playbooks on the go for building custom automation workflows.

Flexible and powerful integrations: Cyware Orchestrate connects and automates Cyber, IT, and DevOps applications, cloud-deployed resources, and on-premises technologies using webhooks, apps, and OpenAPI support, enabling seamless automations across environments and technologies. It comes with a built-in app marketplace with 300+ apps that can be leveraged to quickly automate processes.

We’d be delighted to set up a free demo to showcase how Cyware Orchestrate can skyrocket your automation journey.


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Posted on: September 19, 2022

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