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Threat Intelligence Feeds

In today’s evolving threat environment,
it’s tough to stay ahead of the curb and keep track of emerging threats that could pose risk to your organization at any time and from anywhere.

Cyware’s Threat Intelligence feeds does the research for you by collecting valuable threat data data from a wide range of open and trusted sources to deliver a consolidated stream of valuable and actionable threat intelligence. Our threat intelligence feeds are fully compatible with STIX 1.x and 2.0, giving you the latest information on malicious malware hashes, IPs and domains uncovered across the entire threat landscape in real-time.

Leverage Cyware’s threat intel to speed up your research, quickly identify potential threats and blacklist any communications or connection requests from malicious sources. Empower your analysts with an intel-driven approach to SecOps and free up their time to produce better informed actions and improvements to defensive architecture.

Strengthen your threat intelligence capabilities with a steady flow of trusted threat data and prioritize security risks from various different sources in a quick and efficient manner.

Top Benefits

Understand the threat environment and its shifting motivations, intents and capabilities that can impact your organization through a flow of STIX/TAXII based feeds.

Learn from bulk indicators of compromise (IOCs) to provide actionable insights and proactively defend yourself against attacks on your systems and sensitive information.

Arm yourself with the latest threat data from Cyware Threat Intelligence Feeds and incorporate other valuable feeds within a single space.

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