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DomainTools Receives Strategic Investment from Battery Ventures

DomainTools, a Seattle, WA-based leader in the domain name and DNS-based predictive threat intelligence, received an investment from Battery Ventures. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Johnson & Johnson CISO: Healthcare orgs are seeing nation-state attacks every single minute of every single day

Marene Allison, the CISO at Johnson & Johnson, said that healthcare organizations like her employer are seeing cyber-attacks from nation-state threat actors "every single minute of every single day."

Iranian hackers access unsecured HMI at Israeli Water Facility

Researchers from industrial cybersecurity firm OTORIO revealed that a group of Iranian hackers gained access to a un unprotected industrial control system (ICS) at the Israeli Water Facility.

Largest Global Staffing Agency Randstad Hit by Egregor Ransomware

World's largest staffing agency, Randstad NV, with offices in 38 markets announced that their network was breached by the Egregor ransomware, that stole unencrypted files during the attack.

Ransomware Operators Phone Victims to Announce They’ve Been Hacked

A dental practice in the United States' state of Georgia has learned its systems were infected with ransomware only after the cybercriminals rang them up to clue them in.

GitHub Says Vulnerabilities in Some Ecosystems Take Years to Fix

The report, which is based on the analysis of more than 45,000 active repositories, shows that it typically takes 7 years to address vulnerabilities in Ruby, while those in npm are usually patched in five years.

Tibet and Taiwan Targeted in Spearphishing Campaigns Using MESSAGEMANIFOLD Malware

In October 2020, during an investigation of a spearphishing campaign targeting the Tibetan community, Insikt Group discovered links to an unknown threat activity group that also targeted Taiwan.

Verizon Leaks Customer Conversations, Personal Data Through Flawed Chat Window on Its Website

As per reports, Verizon has been leaking personal information through a chat window on its website that erroneously displayed conversations between the firm’s employees and customers.

Hundreds of millions of Android users exposed to hack due to CVE-2020-8913

The CVE-2020-8913 vulnerability is a local, arbitrary code execution vulnerability that resides exists in the SplitCompat.install endpoint in Android’s Play Core Library.

VMware Rolls a Fix for Formerly Critical Zero-Day Bug

VMware has patched a zero-day bug that was disclosed in late November – an escalation-of-privileges flaw that impacts Workspace One and other platforms, for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

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