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Senate confirms Chris Inglis as Biden's top cyber adviser

Inglis’ new White House office was one of several policy reforms recommended by the congressional chartered Cyberspace Solarium Commission and incorporated into the fiscal 2021 defense policy bill.

This Agency’s Computers Hold Secrets. Hackers Got In With One Password.

New York City’s Law Department holds some of the city’s most closely guarded secrets. But all it took for a hacker to infiltrate the 1,000-lawyer agency’s network early this month was one worker’s pilfered email password

Matanbuchus Loader: A New Malware-as-a-Service

Matanbuchus Loader: A New Malware-as-a-Service - Cybersecurity news
Researchers identified a threat actor targeting multiple organizations including large universities and high schools in the U.S., along with high-tech organizations in Belgium.

Conti Ransomware Gang: An Overview

The Conti ransomware group has spent more than a year attacking organizations where IT outages can have life-threatening consequences such as hospitals, 911 dispatch carriers, emergency medical services, and law enforcement agencies.

Cyber attack on Polish officials came from Russia, Kaczynski says

Top Polish government officials have been hit by a far-reaching cyber attack conducted from Russian territory, Poland's de facto leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said on Friday in his first official statement on an email hacking incident this month.

Vigilante malware stops victims from visiting piracy websites

Sophos researchers uncovered a malware campaign that aims at blocking infected users’ from visiting a large number of websites dedicated to software piracy by modifying the HOSTS file on the infected system.

Expert found multiple flaws in Cisco Small Business 220 series

The vulnerabilities impact devices running firmware versions prior and which have the web-based management interface enabled. The expert pointed out that the interface is enabled by default.

A deep dive into the operations of the LockBit ransomware group

Forensic investigations of machines attacked by LockBit affiliates show that threat groups will often first try to identify "mission-critical" systems including NAS devices, backup servers, and domain controllers.

Ferocious Kitten Uses MarkiRAT to Target Iranian Regime

Ferocious Kitten Uses MarkiRAT to Target Iranian Regime - Cybersecurity news
An APT group based out of Iran is actively targeting Iranian users to deliver MarkiRAT that records keystrokes and clipboard content. Two suspicious documents related to it were uploaded to VirusTotal. It appears attackers are trying to enhance their arsenal with new tools to make their attack ... Read More

Scammers Using Tampered Ledger Devices to Steal Cryptocurrency

Scammers Using Tampered Ledger Devices to Steal Cryptocurrency - Cybersecurity news
Users and security experts have uncovered a scam involving the delivery of fake replacement Ledger devices to customers to steal cryptocurrency. Customers using Ledger devices are recommended to beware of any unwanted email, package, or text.

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