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Multicloud Security Challenges Will Persist in 2023

Multicloud offers numerous benefits, from avoiding vendor lock-in to reliability, agility, and cost-efficiency. At the same time, however, it brings additional layers of complexity, particularly regarding security management.

Ticketmaster Blames Bots in Taylor Swift 'Eras' Tour Debacle

This week, Ticketmaster testified in Senate Judiciary Committee hearings that it's not the company's monopoly on the live music market that caused the Swifty sales collapse — it was instead a cyberattack, executives said.

Hunting Insider Threats on the Dark Web

Insider threats are a growing problem. According to recent research, malicious employees contribute to 20% of incidents and the attacks that insiders are involved in are, on average, 10 times larger than those conducted by external actors.

Critical Manufacturing Sector in the Bull's-eye

More than three-quarters of manufacturing organizations harbor unpatched high-severity vulnerabilities in their systems. New telemetry from SecurityScorecard shows a year-over-year increase in high-severity vulnerabilities in those organizations.

Attackers Crafted Custom Malware for Fortinet Zero-Day

Researchers analyzing data associated with a recently disclosed zero-day vulnerability in Fortinet's FortiOS SSL-VPN technology have identified a sophisticated new backdoor specifically designed to run on Fortinet's FortiGate firewalls.

Researchers Warn ChatGPT Could Create Polymorphic Malware Wave

One of the many spectacular tricks ChatGPT has been able to pull off is writing highly advanced malware that actually contains no malicious code at all, making it difficult to detect and mitigate, researchers at CyberArk explained.

Why Businesses Need to Think Like Hackers This Year

Security professionals must update their skill sets and be proactive to stay ahead of cybercriminals. It's time to learn to think and act like an attacker to cope with the cyber "new normal."

The Dangers of Default Cloud Configurations

Often, vendors and providers consider customer usability and ease more important than security, resulting in default settings. One thing needs to be clear: Just because a setting or control is default doesn't mean it's recommended or secure.

Java, .NET Developers Prone to More Frequent Vulnerabilities

According to Veracode, more than three-quarters of applications written in Java and .NET have at least one vulnerability from the OWASP Top 10, a list of software weaknesses that developers typically use as a baseline for application security.

Cyber Jobs of the Future: Sleuth, Bodyguard, 'Immunity' Developer

Positions in outer space cybersecurity, AI mentoring, and digital footprint consulting may sound unusual at first glance, but the rapid development of technology could make them a reality in just a few years.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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