Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

Ransomware groups keep mega-corporations in the crosshairs as their ever-evolving extortion techniques help them pocket hefty ransoms. A world-leading chemical distribution company discreetly paid millions in ransom, whereas a n ... Read More
After the headline-grabbing attacks on the energy sector, the aviation industry is now under attack in a new targeted malware campaign as revealed by Microsoft. Amidst the news of the aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline attack, P ... Read More
Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure facilities give us a chance to take a deep dive into the malicious operations of cybercriminal groups. In light of the recent Colonial Pipeline hack, U.S. security agencies published a joi ... Read More
Schools and universities are lucrative targets for cyber extortion. An investigation into one such incident has found that the University of California (UC) suffered a leak of employee and student data due to flaws in a file sha ... Read More
Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure can have a tremendous impact on a country’s economy. A massive ransomware attack has now forced-shut an oil pipeline that pumps 100 million gallons of fuel a day in the U.S. Another ransom ... Read More
The recent spate of attacks against government entities in the U.S. should be a clear sign of growing cyber threats. A research facility, which is a part of the U.S. Department of Energy, inadvertently leaked sensitive data owin ... Read More
The quest to collect nation security and economic intelligence of rival countries is spurring malicious cyber activity by state-sponsored threat actors. For instance, an unknown hacker group was found using a passive backdoor to ... Read More
The modern threat landscape has put the cyber readiness of every government agency to test. Now, a phishing attack from last year has resulted in a data breach incident for a U.S. government agency. Meanwhile, the company provid ... Read More
Healthcare providers are left gasping for respite with the constant cannonade of cyberattacks against them. For instance, two disparate cybercrimes paralyzed two healthcare providers in California and Kansas. Courts have become ... Read More
The cloud infrastructure has become an integral addition to business operations and our daily lives and hence, it’s also attracting unwanted attention from cybercriminals. Recently, a Switzerland-based cloud hosting provider was ... Read More

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