Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

Educational institutions, which play a pivotal role in the lives of the young population, can become the soft targets for cybercriminals who want to send a message or cause widespread disruption. In one such incident, the sixth- ... Read More
The healthcare industry faces a bevy of malicious actors who aim to extract sensitive medical records by targeting firms that lack adequate cyber defenses. In one recent incident, the critical health information of more than 295 ... Read More
Lest organizations forget, the detection of a ransomware attack only marks the beginning of a long and arduous double extortion process followed by most ransomware gangs. Now, there has been a ransomware attack on the world’s la ... Read More
The race for a coronavirus vaccine is getting ugly as cybercriminals look to disrupt crucial research efforts. A British drugmaker working on a vaccine was approached by cybercriminals over social media channels to obtain confid ... Read More
Cybercriminals excel at exploiting pop culture trends and current affairs to craft irresistible traps for their targets. In a similar vein, researchers warned users to identify and avoid downloading counterfeit apps of the popul ... Read More
Due to the critical nature of the information it deals with, cybersecurity challenges for media organizations are mounting. In a new incident, one of Denmark’s largest news agencies was pushed offline after they were targeted by ... Read More
With leaked user credentials pouring in from different breaches globally, it becomes easier for attackers to launch credential stuffing campaigns to target more online accounts. Now, researchers have discovered an unprotected da ... Read More
While blockchain-based financial services promise greater decentralization and integrity, the security of such services is still not battle-tested in many cases. In one recent incident, the decentralized finance protocol Pickle F ... Read More
The lack of care being taken in rightly configuring cloud environments is once again in the spotlight. A popular Christian faith app exposed millions of people to fraud and online attacks as it left open cloud storage buckets to ... Read More
At times, software vulnerabilites can end up affecting end-users in a devastating way. It was recently witnessed when a messaging app with millions of installs laid bare sensitive details of its users that included chats and med ... Read More

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