Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

Attacks on cryptocurrency platforms are rewarding cybercriminals with big returns. Recently, THORChain reportedly lost over $16 million in total in a span of two weeks. In other news, WhatsApp’s chief executive revealed that key ... Read More
Attacks on critical infrastructure have become the new normal. A cyberattack at a large South African rail, port, and pipeline company halted key operations for freight rail and logistics entities. In other news, a gun trading w ... Read More
New reports of Chinese cyberespionage continue to pile up. Chinese hackers were observed exploiting home routers to target French organizations. A new advisory by the CISA laid out guidelines to protect from malware on Pulse Sec ... Read More
Unsecured databases are back to bite security teams and users. Data of citizens from more than 80 municipalities in the U.S. was inadvertently laid bare in a security lapse. In a fresh alert, U.S. authorities outlined the number ... Read More
Ransomware has achieved the status of a global menace. One of the key cloud-hosting providers for the real estate, financial, legal services, and few other industries is in trouble after a ransomware threat sneaked into its ne ... Read More
U.S. officials have accused Beijing-linked threat actors of orchestrating one of the largest attack campaigns in the history of the country that affected thousands of enterprise email servers. A hacker group allegedly exploited ... Read More
Social media platforms are gradually becoming a hub for cybercriminals to perform cyberespionage. Facebook recently disrupted an Iranian nexus that exploited its platform to spy on U.S. military personnel. Security experts delve ... Read More
Not everyone can benefit from end-of-life products, but hackers surely can. SonicWall users can anytime become ransomware victims if they do not discontinue using certain products that have exhausted their shell life. Learn about ... Read More
Guess the suspect when the South Asian entities are under target? A massive cyberespionage campaign swept attacks directed at officials in South Asian countries; experts allege links to a Chinese hacking group. In a separate str ... Read More
The threat landscape for academic researchers and think tanks is complicated and goes beyond just financially-motivated attacks. A sophisticated cyber-espionage attack was recently spotted targeting University of London scholars ... Read More

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