Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

With mere access to one corporate account, hackers can move laterally across the network and disrupt the broader operations of the company. Recently, cybercriminals launched such spyware campaigns to collect credentials from ind ... Read More
Have data breaches become an unfortunate fact of life? While a hacker group stole data from the networks of a Red Cross committee, an American Fortune 500 integrated communications enterprise is yet to ensure if hackers really m ... Read More
Expect no mercy in cybercrimes. Recently, a website that provides free subtitles for movies found its stolen data leaked online despite paying a ransom. Meanwhile, an Italian luxury fashion giant disclosed a data breach followin ... Read More
The first crypto cyberattack victim of the year is here. Users of a cryptocurrency trading platform have reported missing funds from their wallets. In another breaking news, a financially motivated threat actor with links to Chi ... Read More
Another day, another ransomware attack! A ransomware group allegedly published 95% of files it pilfered from the networks of a multinational defense contractor. Meanwhile, Ukraine attributed the recent devastating attack on its ... Read More
Tension is gripping Ukraine as it is experiencing the worst cyberattack in four years. In other news, a sports-based nonfungible token (NFT) platform lost over $18 million to cybercriminals. That is not it! One more darkweb mark ... Read More
In times of COVID-19, the targeting of the healthcare sector by cybercriminals becomes an even bigger menace. In one such act, a potential ransomware attack has crippled Maryland's health infrastructure. There was another cyber ... Read More
The personal data of thousands of patients is at stake as a couple of healthcare facilities disclosed data breach incidents. In other news, a major Japanese multinational firm exposed data of its job applicants. Beware! An info- ... Read More
It’s been weeks, but when it comes to Log4Shell, the threat still seems fresh and frightening. Lately, a French cosmetic firm suffered data exposure owing to the flaw. In different news, an independent clinical peer review insti ... Read More
Monday gets tough for Thailand authorities as they could be staring at the largest data leak in the country's public health sector. A California city and the election body of the Philippines were hit by an extensive data breach ... Read More

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