Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

The delivery of public services requires collection of a lot of information by g overnment agencies that can be misused by cybercriminals if not secured adequately. In one such instance, a California state website was found l ... Read More
Data breaches not only affect an organization but also its customers. If you’re an OpenSea user, you might want to triple-check your emails for possible phishing as the digital art marketplace was hit by a breach. A hacker group ... Read More
The data extortion cybercrime market is booming. In one such instance, the RansomHouse group claimed to have breached a chipmaker giant and now is threatening to leak data. A U.K-based meal distributor suffered a ransomware atta ... Read More
The past 24 hours were rife with multiple security incidents. A U.S. financial institution found skimmers on its cash withdrawal terminals and a loss of customers’ financial information. A Chinese web giant underwent account hij ... Read More
Cryptocurrency theft has become a regular occurrence and a dangerous threat. Threat actors stole millions in crypto from a blockchain firm. A Japanese automotive supplier was reportedly attacked by the LockBit ransomware group. ... Read More
Credit card data is a lucrative currency for cyber criminals and retailers possess a lot of that. For instance, hackers took over the Twitter account of a Brazilian retail giant and claimed to extort it. An Indiana hospital suff ... Read More
The manufacturing sector has become a pretty common target for ransomware actors. This time, cybercriminals attacked a Japanese maker of automatic hose, which crippled some of its operations. Conti is one of the most aggressive ... Read More
While global supply chains are already struggling to come to normalcy in the post-pandemic times, cybercriminals are making the situation worse. This time, cyberattackers struck a U.K-based logistics firm, sabotaging the deliver ... Read More
Cybersecurity risks to the financial sector have increased in the last few years and show no signs of slowing. A U.S. bank suffered a security breach that affected millions of its customers. Carding sites have been popping up ve ... Read More
Cryptocurrency theft is an extremely lucrative venture for cybercriminals. One hacker stole millions worth of crypto from Inverse Finance, which happens to be the second attack on the firm. Political email accounts hold a lot of ... Read More

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