Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

How far can cyberattacks impact educational institutions? A South Jersey school district was forced to cancel classes multiple days in a row, among other things. Even the Pope isn’t safe from hackers as the official Vatican webs ... Read More
Breaches at one company can and often do cascade to other firms associated. Something like this happened to LastPass, which has already suffered another major data breach this year. These are indeed risky times for Android users ... Read More
Healthcare data breaches are getting out of hand, impacting millions of individuals every so often. One such breach at a pediatric health IT software company impacted over two million patients and their sensitive information. In ... Read More
The education sector is being constantly targeted by ransomware actors. Today, we have two schools that fell victim to cyberattacks that disrupted operations and compromised sensitive information. Have you heard of the invisible ... Read More
Twitter users are definitely having a perplexing time over at the social media platform. Millions of personal user details were found on a dark web forum, and that too, for free. Ragnar Locker is back in the news by attacking a ... Read More
Killnet has become a menace with its constant campaigns against significant government entities. It took down the website of the European Parliament, however, briefly. Misconfigured databases are bad, worse when they contain sen ... Read More
The stealer-as-a-service business model has grown exponentially as researchers spotted multiple Russian hacking groups that stole over 50 million passwords in the first seven months of the year. LockBit 3.0 seems to be an unstop ... Read More
API mishandling can lead to bad circumstances. Users of a popular API solution, deployed by thousands of companies, are in trouble as their data could be at risk from hundreds of apps with insecure implementations. The Daixin Te ... Read More
Hundreds and thousands of Mastodon users were targeted as threat actors were found scraping off their personal details. Threat actors are back, in a new SEO poisoning attack that abuses a legitimate Google service. The weekend in ... Read More
Reflecting on the recent past, federal agencies had released a warning about increased Hive ransomware activities. In a new such alert, the CISA revealed that the ransomware group collected ransom payments from over a thousand c ... Read More

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