Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

Cyberattack strikes again at a Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer, the second incident it suffered within three months. In a separate streak, a social media analytics platform laid bare profile details of millions of users via a ... Read More
Hackers got a sweet tooth too! The maker of Everlasting Gobstoppers, Lemonheads, Now and Later, Nerds, SweeTarts, and other popular candies just got a taste of a ransomware attack. Meanwhile, financially motivated hackers hijack ... Read More
Watch out, VPN users! A Chinese-run VPN service has exposed the PII of roughly a million users via an unsecured server. But, it’s still less threatening than a highly sophisticated threat actor harvesting your sensitive data by ... Read More
How safe is the idea of a centralized data warehouse? Cybercriminals are knocking on the door and asking some tough questions. A government database leak in Argentina blurted out ID card data for the entire population. In anothe ... Read More
Was your local TV channel off the air on Sunday? Reportedly, all the TV broadcasts for Sinclair-owned channels suffered a major breakdown over the weekend due to a cyberattack. According to an official report from the U.S govern ... Read More
Security challenges for healthcare organizations continue to mount as ransomware actors successfully breached the networks of an Israeli hospital, forcing patient transfers. In another streak, a Brazilian marketplace integrator ... Read More
Cybercriminals have certainly upped their game in sniffing out unprotected databases. Recently, a leaky database at a digital design website has risked the sensitive details of its users. In other news, Acer disclosed a hacking ... Read More
Is it the day of 'largest' cyber intrusions?! Cybercriminals broke into the networks of one of the world's largest hotel chains, Ecuador's largest private bank, and the world’s largest digital-collectible marketplace. In a clever ... Read More
Bizarre, or maybe not! A Japanese medical technology company was hit with a second ransomware attack within the span of a month. Meanwhile, Quest Diagnostics disclosed a cyberattack on one of its subsidiaries, impacting over 300, ... Read More
In an event of a cyberattack, timely communication limits customers' worries and frustration and even saves them from falling to phishing tricks. Lately, one of the largest Korean American banks in the U.S. and an American media ... Read More

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