Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

From the Pacific Northwest to Seoul, data breaches continue to plague businesses across the globe. In Portland, Kroger is sounding the alarm after thousands of customers had their personal information compromised. Meanwhile, in ... Read More
Subscribers of Lionsgate Play are in for a nasty revelation - a massive database was found leaking millions of log entries. Kimsuky APT is back with a spear-phishing campaign, not deviating from its usual targets. Dole Food Comp ... Read More
In today’s bit of unsecured database mishap, a treasure trove of NYC’s special education students’ data was found exposed on the internet. In an unfortunate happenstance, the City of Oakland suffered another ransomware attack af ... Read More
Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari disclosed a data breach after it received a ransom note. We don’t know the name of the attacker. Cl0p ransomware is on a spree of abusing the GoAnywhere MFT flaw. The latest victim is Saks ... Read More
The Play ransomware gang has been very active lately, claiming a Dutch shipping company as its latest victim. Goes without saying, the threat of a complete data leak looms overhead. We have another colossal crypto hack at a Bitc ... Read More
There doesn’t appear to be an end to healthcare breaches. A Tuscaloosa-based ambulance service had to notify over 80,000 patients of a breach that may have exposed their data. In another incident, we have an exposed database and ... Read More
A data breach at ILS affected millions of individuals. While the incident is a summer old, the revelation is recent. Speaking of breaches, a consumer finance provider warned its customers as threat actors pilfered over 300,000 c ... Read More
Wymondham College became the latest educational institution to fall victim to an advanced cyberattack. While we keep harping on the dangers of misconfigured databases, a huge aviation company was found leaking its confidential d ... Read More
A medical equipment and software firm revealed a data breach that compromised nearly a million individuals’ personal information. In a different vein, a parts supplier for SpaceX was allegedly hacked by LockBit, resulting in the ... Read More
Many patients who sought the services of a mental health provider found out their private information may be inadvertently passed on to online advertisers and social media giants without their knowledge. In other news, PeopleGro ... Read More

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