Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

Ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure are becoming both increasingly dangerous and prevalent. Recently, EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA) confirmed a ransomware attack that also affected its parent corporation’s sys ... Read More
Sensitive and explicit data leaked via dating apps are often exploited by hackers to launch personalized attacks and blackmailing attempts. In a recent incident, researchers identified five dating apps divulging the details of m ... Read More
Data breaches involving large troves of valuable personal information are often followed by leaks or sale of the affected data by cybercriminals on the dark web. Recently, a database of BMW car owners in the U.K. was put on sale ... Read More
Human errors or negligence in the software development process can often lead to costly consequences for the organizations. In a recent incident, a cybercriminal breached into nearly 23,000 unsecured cloud databases and upload ... Read More
The line between ransomware attacks and data breaches continues to blur. Continuing its streak of attacks, Maze ransomware operators now claimed to have struck Xerox Corporation and pilfered 100 GB of data. In other news, a data ... Read More
Massive data breaches can wreak financial and logistical havoc on the companies that experience them and it is the valuable customers who often pay the price for trusting them. Researchers at Lucy Security have recently spotted a ... Read More
Sophisticated hackers often exploit previously exposed personal data to conduct highly effective personalized phishing campaigns. Recently, OneClass, a Canadian online note sharing portal, laid bare one million students’ persona ... Read More
Nation-state actors could go to any length with their self-serving malicious objectives. In a recent incident, researchers suspect a similar motive behind a Chinese bank coercing two UK-based firms into installing a malware-load ... Read More
With more than five successful cyberattacks this month so far, the Maze ransomware gang is on an unstoppable spree. Now, the group has targeted LG Electronics and claimed to have siphoned off confidential data, including proprie ... Read More
Data breach at reputable business firms poses the risk of irreparable damage to its operations and customer trust. Recently, hackers posted stolen data comprised of over 12,000 records from the U.S. business consulting firm, Fros ... Read More

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