Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

Source code of legacy verions of a software could help attackers identify unknown vulnerabilities in current products. Lately, a mischievous hacker allegedly uploaded the source code of Microsoft's Windows XP and Windows Ser ... Read More
Cybercriminals often explore indirect ways to infiltrate sensitive targets like government agencies through their services provider and partners. Recently, Tyler Technologies, a software vendor for U.S. states and local governme ... Read More
Organizations are often saved from a crisis situation due to timely discovery of a security loophole in their systems. Recently, a researcher saved Town Sports International, the parent company of New York Sports Clubs and Chris ... Read More
Protecting database backups is as critical as safeguarding online data held by applications. In a recent incident, a provider of sports-related software, ArbiterSports, failed to do so and exposed a database backup containing mo ... Read More
With the gaming industry attracting hundreds of millions of users globally, gaming companies possessing huge amounts of user data have faced the wrath of cybercriminals. In a recent cyberattack at Activision, a major video game ... Read More
Ransomware attacks continue to plague K–12 school districts nationwide. In the latest incident, a ransomware attack at a California school district forced it to cancel its online classes while affecting thousands of students. In ... Read More
Lagging security measures at healthcare facilities are threatening the vast amount of private patient information. Now, University Hospital New Jersey appears to have leaked thousands of documents, containing personal and medica ... Read More
Exposed access keys allow an unauthorized individual to reveal, destroy, or manipulate an organization’s data. Entities on GitHub, GitLab, and Pastebin reportedly laid bare 800,000 access keys, including over 40% of database k ... Read More
Deeply personal data and granular details about individuals scattered across the internet is ripe for exploitation by malicious actors. In the same vein, a university professor unearthed a database pertaining to a Chinese firm w ... Read More
Leaked user records are often repurposed by cybercriminals in phishing and malware scams to trigger clicks and fetch more confidential data from the affected users. Lately, Mailfire, an email marketing tools provider, exposed ... Read More

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