Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

Call it locking the front door and keeping the back door open. Or maybe keeping all the doors open while you are not home. This is exactly what was happening with scores of iOS and Android apps that leaked heaps of user data due ... Read More
Time and again hackers land up on valuable troves of data that give rise to a series of attacks. In one such instance, t he second-largest staffing provider in the world suffered a leak involving millions of records. The Accellio ... Read More
An unsecured database is an equivalent of leaving your front door wide open to thieves. Recently, unsecure databases at an American telemarketing company and a European phone tracking firm exposed millions of sensitive records. ... Read More
Whether you pay a ransom or not, disruption is inevitable when ransomware strikes. In one such instance, a ransomware attack crippled an Asian food distribution giant, impacting its IT systems and services. Meanwhile, a top dair ... Read More
When warfare goes cyber, international boundaries become meaningless as anything can become a target. A new report has now revealed that Chinese hackers targeted the Indian power grid last year amid geopolitical tensions. Meanwhi ... Read More
The underground cybercrime marketplaces continue to get data-rich with three large VPN database dumps, adding 21 million records to it. Meanwhile, Microsoft open-sourced a source code analysis tool to detect malware implants aki ... Read More
Today marks yet another starry development for Cyware. In a major announcement, the Space ISAC chose Cyware for threat information sharing while also announcing the achievement of its Initial Operating Capability. In different ... Read More
The immense threat posed by supply chain attacks has not just grabbed headlines but also led to real-world damage as shown by recent incidents. After tens of declared victims, Canada’s top plane manufacturer has also reportedly ... Read More
When an enterprise software gets breached, it opens the door for a number of unwanted threats as shown by the recent Accellion-linked breaches. Now, researchers have established links between a cybercrime group and the data theft ... Read More
In the past few weeks, hackers took a liking to file-sharing services. Now, a Canadian undergraduate research university Lakehead extended its study break owing to a cyberattack at its file-sharing servers. Meanwhile, a Chinese ... Read More

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