Daily Cybersecurity Roundup

Data is increasingly beomcing valuable for businesses, and news stories about major data breaches further point to the importance of data security. Now, SOS Online Backup exposed 135 million records containing the metadata and p ... Read More
The employees of large multinational organizations are often targeted by cybercriminals to gain an entry into their internal networks and extract confidential data. Now, the personal details of over 5.2 million Marriott Interna ... Read More
Local and national governments often hold confidential data on their citizens that can be targeted by cybercriminals for malicious purposes. Now, cybercriminals published the voter information of over 4.9 million residents of th ... Read More
Despite a greater emphasis being placed on data security, inadvertent information exposures by órganizations continue to surface. Now, Data Deposit Box left a database containing over a quarter of a million private files uploade ... Read More
While many parts of the world may be shut down due to the ongoing health crisis, cybercriminals continue to act on their malicious objectives round the clock. Now, the World Health Organization has been targeted by the DarkHotel ... Read More
Essential business functions, if outsourced to external service providers, can pose a risk to the security of a company's confidential data. Now, one of the service providers of General Electric leaked personal identifiable info ... Read More
Once cybercriminals gain access to confidential company data, they can use it for a range of malicious purposes. Now, the details of thousands of patients of Hammersmith Medicines Research was leaked by the Maze ransomware opera ... Read More
Often times, existing security loopholes and unprotected servers give bad actors access to personal data without even having to break in. Recently, security researchers found an unprotected server that leaked over 200 million de ... Read More
Cybercriminals around the world continue to capitalize on the COVID-19 crisis by launching new kinds attack campaigns. Now, security researchers stumbled upon a phishing campaign that sends a fake e-book titled “My Health E-book ... Read More
Looking at the rising cases of data breaches, cybersecurity needs to be the top priority for every company. Now, two firms Advantage Capital Funding and Argus Capital Funding inadvertently exposed 50,000 sensitive and legal docs ... Read More
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