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Even the most valuable tactical threat intelligence is elusive at best without systematic content and prioritization. Cyware Threat Intelligence Exchange Lite (CTIX Lite) is powered by our threat intelligence feed which automatically aggregates tactical intelligence from various STIX/TAXII feeds to give you a consolidated, easily readable and actionable intel.

We believe everyone should be aware of emerging cyber menaces in today’s threat environment and become a part of the intelligence sharing community through access to innovative technologies and improve their threat intelligence and SecOps capabilities.


Intelligence sharing

Integrate, store, organize and compare multiple threat intel feeds in a systematic and manageable way.

Intelligence sharing

Automated threat intelligence sharing, faster threat assessments, jumpstart security investigations and prioritize incident response.

Tactical Intelligence

Maintain a meticulous database of new and past threats, IOCs and more.

Tactical Intelligence

Arm yourself with valuable, actionable tactical threat data from Cyware Threat Intelligence Feeds and others within a single platform.


Concise cyber threat intelligence on Cyber Observables, Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), Incident Reports, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs), malicious vectors and more.

Automatic threat alerts that leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce noise, remove duplicate data and draw correlations.

Machine-to-machine transfer of structured tactical intelligence in both human-readable and machine-parsable formats.


Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange

Stay ahead of the threat and speed up your security operations with Cyware’s Threat Intelligence eXchange

Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange

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