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Daily Cybersecurity Roundup, October 21, 2021

Hackers got a sweet tooth too! The maker of Everlasting Gobstoppers, Lemonheads, Now and Later, Nerds, SweeTarts, and other popular candies just got a taste of a ransomware attack. Meanwhile, financially motivated hackers hijacked thousands of top YouTube accounts. What more? Most secure areas of Intel CPUs could be invaded to pilfer data, claimed researchers. Continue reading for the top cybersecurity headlines for the day.


Chicago-based candy firm Ferrara was crippled by ransomware actors. Its manufacturing and shipping across some of its distribution centers were affected.


High-profile YouTube creators were targeted with cookie-theft malware in phishing attacks, wherein hackers offered them fake collaboration opportunities.


The Dutch Police detained nine people from a group of bank help desk fraudsters for targeting and stealing money from elderly people via phone calls.


RiskIQ found over 100 Discord CDN URLs delivering 27 unique malware families, including backdoors, password stealers, spyware, and trojans.


Academics from universities developed a new attack technique, dubbed SmashEx, that runs into Intel SGX and can allow adversaries to steal confidential data from Intel CPUs.


According to Akamai, hackers obfuscate more than 25% of malicious JavaScript code using a software packaging method called packers. It helps them in evading signature-based detection.


Cryptojacking group TeamTNT was spotted hosting malicious container images in Docker Hub to install basic utilities and scanning tools Zgrab and masscanner to target more machines for cryptomining.


Rostelecom reported that DDoS attacks on Russian firms in 2021 have surged by 2.5 times as compared to the same period last year. September was the worst month for DDoS activity.


Data Privacy API company Skyflow raised $45 million in Series B round led by Insight Partners and other strategic investors focused on fintech, digital health, and API-first companies.


Invicti Security, an application security testing firm, received $625 million in a growth investment round led by Summit Partners, with participation from Turn/River Capital.

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