Cyware Daily Threat Intelligence August 09, 2018

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Top Malware Reported in the Last 24 Hours
WannaCry responsible for TSMC breach 
Chipmaker TSMC acknowledged that the ransomware that shut down its plants was, in fact, WannaCry. The ransomware caused disruption after making its way onto these unpatched Windows 7 machine. TSMC recovered its operational abilities a few days after the WannaCry ransomware infected its networks. 

DeepLocker - The AI-powered malware
Security experts at IBM have created the next-generation of cyberthreats - an AI-powered malware that comes packed with advanced detection-evading capabilities. The malware can identify targets via facial and voice recognition, as well as geolocation. DeepLocker is also capable of functioning as a nation-state malware, infecting millions of systems while remaining completely undetected. 

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