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Top Reasons why Your Cybersecurity Strategy Needs a Checkup

Top Reasons why Your Cybersecurity Strategy Needs a Checkup

Data breaches are growing in huge proportion unimaginable before. What used to be rare, once in a year news has turned out to be an everyday affair. Once seen with awe and shock, is now received with a lazy comment. With the increase in new security loopholes, vulnerabilities, and flaws, many businesses are mulling over revamping their cybersecurity strategy. Here are some top reasons listed by security leaders to reconsider your dated strategy.

Hard to keep up

The rate at which the data breaches, cyberattacks, and identity thefts are reported, it may soon become hard to keep up with all the crumbling cybersecurity infrastructure. Thereby, ruining your enterprise or venture for an uncertain onslaught.

Secure ecosystem

In the last decade, installing a decent antivirus software in your desktop computer would have sufficed the security need of your organization. However, the tides have turned, and the world has taken several spins. That tactic won’t work anymore, rather you’ll need a secure ecosystem to protect your sensitive data.

Plug your biggest loophole: Employees

Instead of focusing exclusively on threats from the outside, be sure to make security awareness part of the culture within your organization. Unless your culture doesn’t nurture security, your own people will become a vector to spread an infection in your organization. Also, your policies should be encouraging employees to prioritize security rather than a result of a coercive policy.

Crime does pay

Well, Harvard Business Review opines that industrial espionage is more effective than R&D. When juxtaposed with the low prosecution rates of cyberattacks criminal activity becomes a viable business strategy.

Criminals are well equipped than ever

The disadvantage that you’ll have against the criminals is they would have to use their tools and equipment right--just once. But, you need to be right all the times: 24x7, 365 days. How could achieve such a feat without staffing your operations center appropriately? Is your business capable to handle such a burden?

All these reasons are more than enough to make you rack your brains. So, are your present cybersecurity strategies enough to counter all the risks? If not, it’s time to gather your executive team at the drawing board.

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