Research Lab

Research is what we are doing when we don’t know what we are doing.

Research is the cornerstone of Cyware’s core functionalities. Our researchers explore the status of current and potential threats to craft innovative threat detection strategies that provide our clients with the ability to not just respond to incidents but to predict imminent threats as well.
  • At Cyware, our researchers spend endless hours scrutinizing emerging cyberthreats and diagnosing a barrage of next-generation malware and vulnerabilities, using extensive, cutting-edge tools and tactics. Our researchers leverage several types of honeypots, including SSH, IoT, SCADA, database and Sticky honeypots to catalog real-time threats.
  • The verified threat information gathered via these honeypots is integrated into the Cyware Threat Intelligence Exchange (CTIX) platform, which is then provided to clients in a context-driven form to augment their intelligence collection and sharing capabilities.
  • The Cyware Threat Intelligence Exchange (CTIX) platform is a constantly updated and massive threat intelligence data repository, which can be used to gather, process, analyze and distribute threat intelligence information. CTIX provides our clients with global insights into current cyberthreats and events.

Predictive Tech

Cyware’s research and AI teams also devote millions of hours into into pouring over and assaying malware payloads. Our researchers are currently developing avante-garde techniques of determining the number of malicious payloads related to a malware that are out in the wild. Cyware’s groundbreaking research on this can also equip its clients with the ability to predict the scale of a malicious payload’s exploitation, also pinpointing any variants associated with it.
CTIX leverages blockchain technology to catalog the relevance and scalability of threat intelligence data. Our researchers capitalize blockchain technology to securely amass affirmations regarding a new threat intel from our network of trusted sources. Cyware researchers then formulate a confidence score for the threat, providing clients with the ability to prioritize when dealing with current and potential threats.

At Cyware Labs, our goal is to empower every individual on Earth and even those who will eventually establish a Moon and a Mars colony in future, with situational awareness and threat intelligence. Everyday, we arduously endeavour to enable Earthlings (and future Martians and lunar citizens) to become more independent in detecting and responding to cyber threats.

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