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Break Free! Decouple ‘SOA’ from ‘R’ in SOAR

Break Free! Decouple ‘SOA’ from ‘R’ in SOAR

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Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid. 

For years, these three words have been the bane of every security team’s existence. Trying to keep track of security workflows and responses across all the deployment environments is a nightmare, and it’s only becoming worse with more and more companies moving to a hybrid model.

Enter the savior — Cyware’s decoupled security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform!

With Cyware’s decoupled SOAR offering, you can orchestrate and automate all your security workflows across different deployment environments, without having to route every automation workflow through a case management platform. 

Separating ‘SOA’ from ‘R’

Unlike tightly-coupled SOAR platforms that bind automation and orchestration together with incident response and case management, Cyware SOAR decouples orchestration from response and offers security orchestration and automation (SOA) and case management/incident response as independent, standalone but fully integrated technologies through its Cyware Orchestrate and Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR) platforms. 

The benefits of Cyware’s decoupled SOAR platform don't stop there. It provides a single pane of glass into the security operations of an organization, which is a huge boon for security teams. In the past, security analysts would have to switch between different tools and platforms to get a complete picture of the security posture of an organization. With Cyware SOAR, all of that information is available in one place.

Let’s Break Up! Reasons to Decouple your SOAR

  • Build automation workflows independent of case management: Not every automation workflow has to be unnecessarily tied to incident response or case management. With Cyware’s SOAR solution, security teams can build simple, uncomplicated workflow automations faster with low-code capabilities.

  • 100s of pre-built use cases: Decoupled SOAR solutions with their independent focus on orchestration and automation capabilities are built to serve as a single, centralized, and vendor-agnostic orchestration and automation solution. Unlike legacy SOAR platforms, which are able to integrate a limited set of tools and technologies, Cyware’s SOAR platform comes with 100s of pre-built playbook templates, and more than 300+ pre-built app integrations with the numbers growing with every passing day. 

  • Comprehensive incident management: Unlike most of the SOAR platforms in the market, Cyware SOAR’s case management module does not come with basic functionalists. Rather, it acts as a complete cyber incident management tool that allows you to move beyond typical case management to true incident response. This integrated incident response approach enables security teams to proactively respond to all kinds of threats, including malware, vulnerabilities, and threat actors, connecting the dots between all the threat elements to discover hidden threat patterns.

  • Scalable, low-code automation: Tightly-coupled SOAR platforms are like a jack of all trades but masters of none. They lack scalability with restrictive features such as pay-per automation, limited case management capabilities, and need high-code skills for automating workflows. On the other hand, Cyware SOAR platform offers best-of-breed low-code security automation capabilities and equips security teams with powerful capabilities such as App Marketplace with pre-built integrations, out-of-the-box playbooks, APIs/Webhooks-based integrations, unlimited playbooks, drag-and-drop playbook builder, visual playbook editor, and much more.

  • Flexible deployment: This means you can deploy case management and orchestration modules separately on the cloud or on-premise as per your requirements with unbridled freedom to operate and automate as you would like to. 

So if you’re looking for a way to simplify your security workflows and get better insights into your organization’s deployment environments, look into decoupled SOAR. 

Intrigued to know why you should use an independent, decoupled SOAR platform instead of coupling orchestrations with a response? Schedule a free demo with us today to find out!


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Posted on: September 13, 2022

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