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Discover a Smarter Way to Synchronize Data with Cyber Fusion Center

Discover a Smarter Way to Synchronize Data with Cyber Fusion Center

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Security teams work through processes of several inter-connected workflows for threat detection, analysis, and response that requires continuous data collection and management from dozens of disparate security applications. If the data generated from these applications aren’t synchronized in real-time, the contextual data that analysts need to investigate and respond to the incidents faster would be outdated. Cyware enables its customers to seamlessly synchronize data between disparate third-party security applications using the Data Sync feature in Cyware’s Fusion Center’s Cyware Orchestrate v3.1.0.

All About the Feature

Synchronization with Third-Party Applications: Data Sync supports data synchronization of device information from configuration management database (CMDB) and cyber security assessment and management (CSAM) software to our Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR) platform. All our customers’ security teams and solution architects can utilize this feature. 

Data Consistency: Syncing data across a myriad of platforms requires writing custom scripts and creating playbooks for every customer. However, processing a mammoth of data can exhaust the playbook module. Data Sync solves this problem by keeping data in CFTR consistent with the data in third-party systems. 

Benefits of Data Sync

Real-Time Synchronization: Syncing data in real-time is critical for performing security operations successfully. It allows security teams to collaborate and respond to threats faster. 

Eliminates Manual Data Entry: Security analysts need to maintain threat data across multiple third-party platforms and the manual process of entering data in every device can be overwhelming. Data Sync ensures that security analysts don’t have to re-enter data across different applications, preventing them from making human errors and helping them save time and effort. 

Use Cases of Data Sync

Sync with CMDB and CSAM: Cyware customers can now leverage CMDB or CSAM tools for one-way synchronization to determine the business context. They can sync devices from ServiceNow CMDB and Qualys or Axonius CSAM to CFTR. This will allow them to keep all their devices list updated into CFTR. 

Cyber Fusion Capabilities: Data generated from various devices, identities, software, tickets, etc, which may be residing in multiple heterogeneous third-party software systems need to be periodically synced to a single system. The Data Sync feature aids customers to sync such data seamlessly to our CFTR product. It helps SecOps teams build a cyber fusion center (CFC), assisting them in obtaining the right context to appropriately investigate cases/incidents. 

What’s Next for Data Sync?

Data Sync is an important part of our vision for Cyware products with respect to interoperability. We want to assist our customers in connecting their heterogeneous third-party security software solutions in building a strong CFC

Today’s successful security teams require a smarter approach to synchronizing data that can increase their operational efficiencies, as well as save time and resources. Moving ahead, we look forward to extending our Data Sync capabilities to support popular cloud services like AWS and Azure AD for data around identity, users, vulnerability, and ITSM tickets. 

Wrapping Up

Data Sync sets security teams on the right track, ensuring data consistency and consolidation to run a successful security operation center (SOC). It gives the analysts out-of-box context to detect, analyze, and respond to threats which goes a long way in bringing down the mean time to respond (MTTR).

Schedule a free demo today to embark on your Data Sync journey. 


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Posted on: May 26, 2022

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