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STAR WEBCAST: Making Order out of Chaos: How to Deal with Threat Group Names

In this webcast, Katie Nickels will help you make order of the naming chaos in a way that will also improve your analysis methodology. She will help you understand why there are so many names and why its okay that we dont agree on ... see more

The Rise of Zero Trust in the Digital Era

Almost a decade since “Zero Trust” emerged as an approach to network security, the buzz around it is stronger than it has ever been. Zero Trust rejects the outdated idea that everything inside the internal network is safe, while e ... see more

Executive Protection at Home is the Major Gap in Cybersecurity

The attack surface of the organization increases every time an executive works remotely from home – and CISOs do not have nearly enough visibility into what goes on in the home of an executive; no insight into the security of the ... see more

Analyzing Malicious Behavior Effectively with ExtraHop Reveal(x)

In the past decade, the information security industry has learned a lot about what attackers do during campaigns against targets. While we dont always understand motivation behind the attacks, most attacker goals are focused on da ... see more

Cloud security year-in-review: lessons learned through the lense of a CISO

This year brought unprecedented changes to how businesses function, employees work, and how security organizations enable and protect it all. Join our live webinar on December 11th, during which Chaim Mazal, CISO of ActiveCampaig ... see more

SANS Cloud Security Solutions Forum

Looking for practical guidance on security in the AWS Cloud? Join SANS instructors and other cloud security leaders as they share tactics, techniques, and procedures for operating effectively and securely in the cloud. This virtu ... see more

Secure Your Data, Your Recovery and Your Mission

As data volume continually increases, the data landscape expands beyond open storage systems and into the cloud. Providing data security while allowing for software to be administered effectively can be a challenge for many. Join ... see more

Vulnerability Remediation Made Easier with Security Automation

Many organizations struggle to prioritize vulnerabilities and have even more trouble when a quick response is needed. They do not have clear visibility into their threat landscape, particularly as it relates to vulnerability manag ... see more

How to Survive Your First Few Years in Infosec: Career Advice for Junior Cybersecurity Practitioners (and the Managers Who Lead Them)

Many of us look up to Lesley Carhart @hacksforpancakes as a brilliant cybersecurity practitioner but she's also a coach and mentor whom people often turn to for advice. Recently, she was approached by someone relatively new to in ... see more
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