A warning has been issued regarding a new phishing campaign eyeing users of MetaMask, a well-known crypto wallet. The campaign used emails to target users and fool them into giving up their passphrases.

A phishing campaign

Security firm Halborn analyzed scam emails it received in July to find out about the scam and warn users about it. 
  • At first look, the email looks genuine with a MetaMask header and logo. It tells users to agree with KYC regulations and verify their wallets.
  • However, there are various red flags within the message, such as spelling errors and a fake sender’s email address. 
  • The fake site urges users to input their seed phrases before redirecting to MetaMask to empty their crypto wallets.

Further details

In general, phishing attacks rely on social engineering involving the use of emails to fool victims into disclosing their personal data or clicking links to fake websites that are often used to steal crypto.
  • In this scam, there were no signs of personalization in the message, which is another warning sign for the user to get suspicious. 
  • Additionally, moving the mouse over the call to action button discloses the malicious link to a fake website.
  • Further, a fake domain (metamaks[.]auction) is used to send phishing emails.

What to do?

To stay protected, a user should stay alert when receiving suspicious emails from unknown sources. Further, make sure to validate the sender’s authenticity before sending any personal information. Use MFA and visit the site directly and avoid clicking and visiting pages from an email.
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