Travel Themed Phishing URLs Set to Prey on Eager Travelers

Although the pandemic is not over, as the world opens up borders and the vaccines slow down the spread of the virus, people who have been cooped up at home are eager to travel.

Attackers Impersonate DoT in Two-Day Phishing Scam

Threat actors impersonated the USDOT in a phishing campaign that used a combination of tactics – including creating new domains that mimic federal sites so as to appear to be legitimate.

An Advance Fee Fraud Scheme is Taking Techies for Surprise

An Advance Fee Fraud Scheme is Taking Techies for Surprise - Cybersecurity news - Identity Theft, Fraud, Scams
An advance fee fraud scheme was spotted approaching cryptocurrency users (via email) and convincing them to transfer a small BTC amount.  The attackers behind these campaigns are targeting tech-savvy individuals, who are skilled at handling their digital wallets, via emails. Crypto investors ... Read More

Open redirect on UK council website was being used for Royal Mail-themed parcel payments scam

The website operated by tech services biz Civica had an open redirect being actively abused by spammers, piggybacking off the website's domain authority so their messages weren't flagged up by scanning tools.

Hackers hijack Russian Government Website, prompts Ponzi bitcoin scheme

According to a report of the Russian news outlet Izvestia, a few unidentified hackers hacked a Russian government website. And they started to promote Ponzi Bitcoin free giveaway promotion.

Researchers Uncover Email Fraud Campaigns Using Social Engineering Tactics to Steal Crypto Assets

Victims are tempted by the promise of a considerable amount of cryptocurrency. Cashing out the full balance requires them to deposit some Bitcoin to the platform, which is the point of the scheme.

NFT Collector Tricked into Buying Fake Banksy

An attacker was apparently able to breach the site for famed street artist Banksy and sell a fake NFT of the artist’s work for more than $336,000. The fraudster has since returned the ill-gotten cash.

Analysis of a Phishing Kit that targets Chase Bank

According to Sucuri researchers, this phishing toolkit is actually a surprisingly feature-rich product sold to other black hat attackers that specifically targets banking login details.

Scam artists are recruiting English speakers for business email campaigns

According to Intel 471, forums are now being used to seek out English speakers to bring together teams able to manage both the technical aspects and social engineering elements of a BEC scam.

College students targeted by money mule phishing techniques

University students in the U.S. with little or no security training are being targeted by Nigerian scammers to move fraudulent funds with the lure of quick bucks and flexible hours.

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