iPhone 12 scam pretends to be Apple “chatbot”

The scam first shows you some cheery messages from a fake Apple chatbot to tell you why you had enough luck to be chosen to take part in an iPhone 12 trial, and then it invites you.

ICO fines profiteering UK firm for touting coronavirus products over spam texts

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has fired a warning shot at companies trying to milk the COVID-19 pandemic for profit by fining a spam-happy marketing firm.

Phishers are targeting employees with fake GDPR compliance reminders

Phishers are using a bogus GDPR compliance reminder to trick recipients – employees of businesses across several industry verticals – into handing over their email login credentials.

Phishing Page Targets AT&T’s Employee Multi-Factor Authentication

The fake page offers up to five separate forms of authentication options that the victim can choose from, and four out of the five options target one-time passwords.

Popular TikTok profiles promote scammy apps generating $500,000

At least three TikTok profiles with more than 350,000 followers combined have been promoting multiple fraudulent mobile apps that generated $500,000 in profit, according to conservative estimation.

Cyber-Criminals Spoof Texas Government

Cyber-criminals have tried to receive free goods by posing as the Texas government and emailing out Requests for Quotes (RFQs).

HMRC COVID-19 tax relief scam targets business owners

Business owners in the UK have been targetted by a phishing scam that captured sensitive information, such as passwords and payment details.

Business Owners Targeted by HMRC COVID-19 Tax Relief Scam

UK business owners have been targeted by a new phishing scam that attempts to gain sensitive information, including payment details, by impersonating HMRC, according to Lanop Outsourcing.

Co-founder of cyber fraud prevention startup arrested for alleged fraud

Investors were shown falsified financial documents as part of the pitch for the software-as-a-service provider, Las Vegas-based NS8, the SEC and FBI said.

Phishing campaign spoofs security awareness training notifications

The email warns employees that they have only one day left to complete their training before the program expires.

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