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Google introduces alerts for Phishing & Data Exfiltration activities in G Suite

Google introduces alerts for Phishing & Data Exfiltration activities in G Suite
  • Google rolls out new options for data exfiltrations alerts in G Suite to tackle phishing.
  • It is mainly aimed at exposing attackers involved in data theft.

Tech giant Google has announced new, secure features for its cloud-powered productivity platform G Suite. These features are introduced as a measure to alert admins on activities such as phishing and data exfiltration. In their official blog, Google said that the alert center in G Suite now comes with improvements in security-related notifications and alerts.

Machine Learning in action

Regarding Gmail phishing, the company said that it uses machine learning algorithms to generate phishing alerts. Furthermore, the alerts also enable admins to weed out threats as a result. “In these events, admins in G Suite Enterprise domains can proactively investigate the emails and if necessary, bulk remove suspicious emails from users’ inbox,” Google informed.

The company said in its blog post that Gmail will now provide more alerts for phishing activities.

Data Export Alerts and Audit Logs

The Alert center now packs data export alert feature which will notify admins when a domain data export is initiated. This helps check a specific domain affected with export activity. After the activities are resolved, alerts can also be deleted as required.

To look deeper into the activity, audit logs in Alert center give out information related to the activity. The Enterprise edition of G Suite also provides tools to investigate export activities.

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