Researchers propose method to track coronavirus through smartphones while protecting privacy

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread, research teams across the globe have been using their time and skills to come up with innovative ways that technology can help us track the illness.

Japan to Develop AI-based System to Counter Cyber Attacks

Japan’s Ministry of Defense plans to invest $237.12 million in the cyber domain this year, which includes developing an Artificial Intelligence-based system to counter cyber attacks.

Scientists make quantum leap to revolutionise secure comms

A breakthrough in the development of quantum-enhanced optical systems could pave the way for advances in encryption, communication and measurement, scientists say.

Researchers use AI and create early warning system to identify disinformation online

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are using artificial intelligence to develop an early warning system that will identify manipulated images, deepfake videos and disinformation online.

AT&T, Palo Alto Networks and Broadcom Develop Firewall Framework

AT&T, Palo Alto Networks and Broadcom have been developing a framework that enables organizations to deploy firewalls as software-based platforms instead of hardware appliances.

Novel algorithm may help prevent fraudulent online transactions

The technology involves random number generation with symmetric properties which are required by the security algorithms for the development of ciphers, or algorithms for performing encryption.

New Data Security Standards Published for Contactless Payments

New Data Security Standards Published for Contactless Payments - Cybersecurity news - New Cyber Technologies
New data security standards for contactless payments were published by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). These standards enable the acceptance of contactless payments using a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile devi ... see more

Framework Isolates Libraries in Firefox to Improve Security

A group of researchers has built a sandbox framework that can improve the security of Firefox by isolating third-party libraries used by the browser.

Computer scientists' new tool fools hackers into sharing keys for better cybersecurity

Instead of blocking hackers, a new cybersecurity defense approach developed by the University of Texas at Dallas computer scientists actually welcomes them.

Samsung: Galaxy S20 security chip hiding your secrets can now feature in rival phones

The secure element consists of Samsung's S3K250AF chip, a microcontroller, hardware-level protection and a locked-down operating system.

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