UK govt releases free tool to check for email cybersecurity risks

Email Security Check allows defenders to look up publicly available information about email domains and check for anti-spoofing and email privacy risks. Besides, the Email Security Check tool requires no sign-ups or personal details.

FIDO authentication standard could signal the passing of passwords

The FIDO authentication standard could eventually bypass passwords, or at least augment them, as government and industry turns to more effective authentication technologies.

New Chip Can Prevent Hackers From Extracting Hidden Information From Smart Devices

MIT researchers developed an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip that can be implemented on an Internet-of-Things (IOT) device to defend against power-based side-channel attacks.

A New Approach to Detect Stealthy Malware on IoT Devices

A New Approach to Detect Stealthy Malware on IoT Devices - Cybersecurity news - New Cyber Technologies
Security experts developed a three-phased approach that leverages electromagnetic field emanations to detect evasive malware on IoT devices including the unseen variants. The electromagnetic emanation calculated from the device is nearly undetectable by the malware. Thus, malware evasion tacti ... Read More

Quantum cryptography: This air-filled fiber optic cable can transport un-hackable keys, say researchers

A new type of optical fiber filled with nothing but thin air has been found to be particularly effective to carry out quantum key distribution (QKD), a security protocol that is in principle un-hackable.

Google debuts new Private Compute features in ramp up of Android security

Currently in Android 12 Beta, Private Compute Core is an open source platform that aims to isolate itself from other apps and the main operating system on an Android device to improve privacy and security.

Malware Hidden Inside Neural Network Models has Over 90% Efficacy

Malware Hidden Inside Neural Network Models has Over 90% Efficacy - Cybersecurity news - New Cyber Technologies
A new research attack method demonstrated that replacing up to 50% of neurons in the AlextNet model with malware can go undetected under security tools, as the model’s accuracy remained above 93.1%. Popular technologies such as machine learning and neural networks are still at their nascent stage, ... Read More

Open-source tool for hardening commonly used HMI/SCADA system

Otorio, a provider of OT security and digital risk management solutions, released an open-source tool designed for hardening the security of GE Digital’s CIMPLICITY, a commonly used HMI/SCADA system.

Intel adds ransomware detection capabilities at the silicon level

Intel announced it is adding ransomware detection capabilities to its new 11th Gen Core vPro processors through improvements to its Hardware Shield and Threat Detection Technology (TDT).

Ghidra 101: Slice Highlighting

Program slicing is a way of abstracting code into smaller groups of statements called slices. Slices are formed by following how a particular variable’s value affects or is affected by other variables

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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