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Top mobile security tips to secure your smartphone

Top mobile security tips to secure your smartphone

Since its introduction into society, smartphones have become more and more advanced. These devices can now store a treasure trove of data including, business and private emails, images, corporate files, social media account information and more.

Given the sensitive nature of the information stored on smartphones, these devices have increasingly become prime targets for cybercriminals. Numerous new malware and ransomware variants designed to target specific smartphone operating systems (iOS and Android), have cropped up over the past few years. To understand the various threats targeting smartphones and stay protected from them, users must familiarize themselves with some basic mobile security tips.

Knowledge is power

One of the most important ways by which you can protect your smartphone from hackers is to arm yourselves with information about the various current cyberthreats. This kind of information is freely available to users via mobile security blogs and mobile security articles. Some trusted mobile security blogs also provide information on mitigation - how to fix your smartphone if it has been infected by a malware or ransomware.

Given the constantly evolving nature of cyberspace, the mobile security news industry is continually churning out mobile security articles that inform users about new Android malware strains, iOS malware variants, mobile ransomware variants and more.

Mobile security news articles are likely the most reliable source of information on current threats and can help you figure out how to boost your smartphone’s security, regardless of whether you have an iOS or an Android device.

Simple, must-use mobile security tips

Smartphone users must be proactive about protecting their devices. In addition to using mobile security software, users must also ensure that they incorporate security hygienic habits.

Here are a few simple security tips that you can follow:-

Use strong passwords: Ensure that you lock your device, accounts and important apps, using strong passwords. You could also ensure that your device locks down in the event that password attempts fail for a specific number of times.

Download apps from legitimate sources: It is essential that users only download apps from legitimate sources. Users should also check the developer information and user ratings and comments to confirm the legitimacy of the app, thus avoiding falling victim to fake and malicious apps.

Browse on secure sites: Smartphone users must always be cautious when browsing the internet on their devices. Users must always check whether the lock icon, which indicates that a website is secure, appears on the address bar of their browsers. Surfing on secure sites is the best way to protect your device and data from hackers.

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