Almost 75% of B2B businesses market their products or services on Twitter, which indicates the importance of this platform for business users. Any data breach related to the Twitter platform can result in losses for a large number of organizational clients, as happened during a recent incident.

Twitter suffered a data breach

Recently, Twitter suffered a data breach due to a bug in its platform. Though Twitter has repaired the vulnerability, hackers could possibly use it to steal data and gain access to user accounts.
  • Twitter emailed and apologized to its business clients that their personal information might have been compromised. The personal data included email addresses, telephone numbers, and the last four digits of clients' credit card numbers.
  • The breach affected businesses that use Twitter’s advertising and analytics platforms.
  • Twitter had become aware of the issue on May 20, 2020, that caused the storage of personally identifiable information (PII) of business users in the users' browser caches.

Recent threats facing Twitter

Twitter has been targeted by cyberattacks on several occasions. Sometimes cybercriminals launch targeted attacks and sometimes they try to gain access to databases of previously compromised accounts on other services.
  • In June 2020, Twitter and several other services suffered a coordinated DDoS attack.
  • In April 2020, Twitter discovered that Firefox cache was storing confidential information associated with Twitter accounts, including received or sent direct messages and the downloaded data archive.
  • In March 2020, an unprotected Elasticsearch server exposed the database of Twitter and other platforms, leaking around five billion records.

Stay safe

Users should create strong passwords and start using two-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent unauthenticated account access. Users should not click on suspicious links sent unsolicited emails or DMs. Also, monitor your Twitter activity regularly to spot hacks and potential trouble early on.

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