Utah Investigating Hacking of Candidate's Virtual Event

The Utah Attorney General’s Office is investigating the hacking of a video call hosted by a gubernatorial candidate who saw the call hijacked by pornographic images and racial slurs on Thursday.

Social Bluebook was hacked, exposing 217,000 influencer accounts

The hacked database contained some 217,000 user accounts — including influencer names, email addresses, and SHA-2 passwords hashes.

Voter records for the entire country of Georgia published online

Voter information for more than 4.9 million Georgians, including deceased citizens, has been published on a hacking forum over the weekend.

Ransomware attacks vs Kimchuk, Visser reveal supply chain threat to DOD

The operators behind DoppelPaymer ransomware reportedly attacked electronics manufacturer Kimchuk earlier this month, disrupting the company’s operations and stealing sensitive data.

BadUSB Stick Mailed to Company From ‘Best Buy’

Security experts have intercepted a highly targeted attack in which a malicious USB device was mailed out to a US company.

Maze ransomware group claims Chubb as victim

The group put a notice on its news site claiming that it had encrypted the insurance company’s network.

Data Deposit Box Exposes PII of 270K Users

A company that provides secure cloud storage services has exposed over a quarter of a million private files uploaded by its customers.

AMD dials 911, emits DMCA takedowns after miscreant steals a load of GPU hardware blueprints, leaks on GitHub

AMD confirmed intellectual property related to its graphics processors was stolen last year, though insisted the leaked files will not damage its business nor compromise product security.

Phineas Fisher Says They Paid $10,000 Bounty to Person Who Hacked Chilean Military

The notorious hacktivist Phineas Fisher said they paid a bounty of $10,000 to another hacker who obtained and leaked Chilean military emails.

A hacker stole and leaked the Xbox Series X graphics source code

The self-proclaimed hacker added that she wanted $100 million for the source code and threatened to "leak everything" if there was no buyer.
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