Jimbos Protocol Hack Results in Loss of $7.5 Million Worth of Assets

The latest victim of a protocol hack is Jimbos Protocol, a decentralized liquidity platform operating on the Arbitrum system. The attack resulted in a loss of 4,000 Ether (ETH), valued at around $7.5 million during the incident.

UK: 20 NHS trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent

The data includes granular details of pages viewed, buttons clicked and keywords searched. It is matched to the user’s IP address – an identifier linked to an individual or household – and, in many cases, details of their Facebook account.

Data Breach at Dental Health Insurer MCNA Affects Nearly Nine Million Patients

The Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based insurance company, said it detected unauthorized access to certain systems on March 6 and discovered that certain systems within the network were infected with malicious code.

Royal messes with Texas

The Royal ransomware group is on a spree in the Dallas metro area, having hit multiple government institutions in the region during the last six months. The frenzy began with an attack against the Dallas Central Appraisal District in November 2022.

Pegasus spyware was deployed in Armenia amid Nagorno-Karabakh war

A number of individuals from Armenia contacted the digital rights organizations CyberHUB-AM, an Armenian organization, and Access Now to check their devices for evidence of such spyware.

Medical Specialty Practice Says Recent Hack Affects 224,500

An upstate New York medical specialty practice told regulators that hackers compromised the personal and protected health information of nearly 224,500 employees and patients in an incident discovered in March.

Italy's Industry Ministry reports 'heavy' cyberattack

Technicians were working to "mitigate the consequences" of the attack, the ministry wrote in a statement, adding that initial checks showed no evidence of data theft. It was too early to predict when activities would be back to normal, it said.

Emby Shuts Down User Media Servers Hacked in Recent Attacks

The attacks began in mid-May 2023 when the attackers started targeting Internet-exposed private Emby servers and infiltrating those configured to allow admin logins without a password on the local network.

BlackByte Lists City of Augusta as its Latest Victim After 'Cyber Incident'

In a Wednesday statement about the "network outage" posted on the city's website, Augusta Mayor Garnett Johnson said the "technical difficulties" – which disrupted some of the city's computer systems – started on Sunday, May 21.

Brazilian hackers target Portuguese financial institutions

A Brazilian hacking crew targeted users of over 30 Portuguese financial institutions earlier this year in a campaign that provides the latest example of financially motivated hackers in Brazil hitting foreign targets, according to SentinelLabs.

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