Fired admin cripples former employer's network using old credentials

The U.S. Department of Justice says in a press release that the defendant pled guilty yesterday to accessing his former employer's website and making configuration changes to redirect web and email traffic to external computers.
September 30, 2022

Internet outage in Tucson area was due to cyber attack, Cox says

An internet outage that affected Tucsonans over the weekend was due to a cyber attack, according to Cox Communications. Cox says the attack has been stopped and that no customer information was compromised.

Swachh City Platform Suffers Data Breach Leaking 16 Million User Records

Leaked details include usernames, email addresses, password hashes, mobile numbers, one-time passwords, last logged-in times, and IP addresses, among others, according to a report shared by CloudSEK with The Hacker News.

Update: Optus tells former Virgin Mobile and Gomo customers they could also be part of data breach

Both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Optus, with the company shuttering the Virgin brand in 2018, but it was not apparent until now whether these customers would have been caught up in the breach.

Stealthy Hackers Target Military and Weapons Contractors in Recent Attack

The highly targeted attacks begin with a phishing email sent to employees of victim organizations, leading to a multi-stage infection involving many persistence and detection avoidance systems.

Crypto Trading Bot Earns $1 Million but Loses Everything to a Hacker an Hour Later

According to the blockchain security firm PeckShield, the bug can be traced back to the bot's callback routine, and this was exploited by the hacker to approve an arbitrary address for spending.

Auth0 Warns That Some Source Code Repositories May Have Been Stolen

As the company revealed in a blog post on Monday, multiple code repository archives from 2020 and earlier (pre-dating Okta's February 2022 acquisition) were obtained by unknown means from its environment.

Hacker Breaches Fast Company Systems to Send Offensive Apple News Notifications

Fast Company took its website offline after it was hacked to display stories and push out Apple News notifications containing obscene and racist comments. Today, the hacker shared how they allegedly breached the site.

New campaign uses government, union-themed lures to deliver Cobalt Strike beacons

The lure themes in the phishing documents in this campaign are related to the job details of a government organization in the United States and a trade union in New Zealand.

Health Data Theft at Physician’s Business Office Impacts Nearly 197,000 Patients

The West Virginia-based Physician’s Business Office notified 196,573 patients that their personal data and protected health information was likely stolen during a hack of its network five months ago.

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