6 out of 11 EU Agencies Running SolarWinds Orion Software Were Hacked

European Commissioner for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn confirmed the hack of some EU agencies as result of the SolarWinds supply chain attack in a response to a question filed by an EU Parliament member.

Will the CodeCov breach become the next big software supply chain hack?

Sweetgreen is one of a number of high-profile customers listed on the website of Codecov, which suffered a breach that some believe could have widespread security implications.

44 Organizations Targeted in Attacks Aimed at COVID-19 Vaccine Cold Chain

More than 40 organizations have been targeted in a global campaign focused on the COVID-19 vaccine cold chain infrastructure, which handles the distribution of vaccines and their storage.

Cybercriminals Hacked into Codecov’s Bash Uploader Tool and Stole Customer Credentials for 2.5 Months

Codecov said the breach occurred “because of an error in Codecov’s Docker image creation process that allowed the actor to extract the credential required to modify our Bash Uploader script.”

Over 5,000 Individuals Affected in Security Breach at Melbourne-based Swinburne University

Swinburne University said that the leaked data, including personal information on staff, students, and external parties, was event registration information from multiple events from 2013 onwards.

Celsius email system breach leads to phishing attack on customers

On Thursday, Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky stated that Celsius' third-party marketing server was compromised, and threat actors gained access to a partial Celsius customer list.

Scammers and Malware Attackers Target Rarible NFT Marketplace

A report by Bolster shows how threat actors use typosquatting domain names that impersonate the popular Rarible.com site but lead them to scams, malware, and other unwanted content.

New Jersey School Districts Investigate Cyber-Attacks

Security incidents in the New Jersey county of Somerset caused day-long school closures at schools in Bernards on April 7 and Hillsborough schools on April 12 following suspected cyber-attacks.

Cyber thieves move $760 million stolen in the 2016 Bitfinex heist

On August 2016, the Asian Bitfinex suffered a security breach that resulted in the theft of 120,000 Bitcoin, the incident had serious repercussions on the Bitcoin value that significantly dropped after the security breach (-20% decrease).

A Casino Gets Hacked Through a Fish-Tank Thermometer

That was the lesson learned a few years ago from the operators of a North American casino. According to a 2018 Business Insider report, cybersecurity executive Nicole Eagan of security firm Darktrace told the story while addressing a conference.

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