British Steel Industry Supplier Vesuvius Suffers Cyber Incident

The British manufacturer confirmed that the incident “involved unauthorized access to our systems,” although it did not provide further details on what the access was or what kind of cyber actor may have been responsible.

Cyberattack Gives 19,000 Students A Day Off School at Berkeley County Schools

The Berkeley County Schools suffered a network outage which affected IT operations across the school system, WV Metro News reported. Personal data on the students may have been harvested in the cyberattack.

Sharp HealthCare Notifies Nearly 63,000 Patients of Data Breach

Sharp HealthCare, San Diego’s largest health provider, announced Monday that it has begun notifying 62,777 of its patients that some of their personal information was compromised during an attack on the computers that run its website,

Update: LockBit ransomware gang claims Royal Mail cyberattack

The LockBit ransomware operation has claimed the cyberattack on UK's leading mail delivery service Royal Mail that forced the company to halt its international shipping services due to "severe service disruption."

Massachusetts-Based MKS Instruments Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack

The company said it has notified law enforcement authorities while it investigates and assesses the impact of the incident by engaging “appropriate incident response professionals.”

Lazarus Group Exploits Unpatched Zimbra Devices

Lazarus Group Exploits Unpatched Zimbra Devices - Cybersecurity news - Breaches and Incidents
WithSecure researchers spotted a new campaign, dubbed No Pineapple, by North Korean Lazarus hackers targeting energy and medical research sectors with the Acres RAT. Lazarus gains access to a flawed Zimbra mail server by abusing RCE flaws tracked as CVE-2022-27925 and CVE-2022-37042.

Feds Say Cyberattack Caused Suicide Helpline’s Outage

“On Dec. 1, the voice calling functionality of the 988 Lifeline was rendered unavailable as a result of a cybersecurity incident,” Danielle Bennett, a spokeswoman for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, said in an email.

Update: 110,000 more users affected in LG Uplus' data breach

On January 10, the nation's third-largest wireless carrier disclosed that the personal data of 180,000 customers, including their names, birth dates, and phone numbers, had been breached.

Mortgage Financial Technologies Company 8Twelve Exposed 717,814 Records Online

Security researcher Jeremiah Fowler together with the Website Planet research team discovered an open and non-password-protected database that contained 717,814 records and the PII of thousands of Canadian citizens.

Hackers Target Switzerland’s Largest University With ‘Professional’ Cyberattack

The university said on Friday that it is battling to keep the hackers out of critical zones by isolating parts of its IT system. This defense has compromised access to its systems but prevented cyberattackers from encrypting or extracting data.

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