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European Police Malware to Hack Into Organized Crime Networks

A document obtained by Motherboard provides more detail on the malware law enforcement deployed against Encrochat devices.

Chinese Hackers Allegedly Stole Code From Multiple Video Game Companies

US prosecutors accused two Chinese nationals of a ten-year-long hacking campaign targeting several companies, organizations, and government agencies all over the world.

Signal’s New PIN Feature Worries Cybersecurity Experts

A newly added feature that allows users to recover certain data has led some high-profile security experts to criticize the app's developers and threaten to stop using it.

Hacker Bypasses GE's Ridiculous Refrigerator DRM

The anonymous person registered a website, and explained that by swapping the RFID tag they can get the refrigerator to continue filtering water as normal.

Feds Arrest Member of Group Tied to a Billion Dollars Worth of Hacks

Authorities arrested an alleged member of the Fin7 hacking group, whose victims include Chipotle and other fast food restaurants, casinos, and credit unions, according to newly unsealed court records.

How iPhone Hackers Got Their Hands on the New iOS Months Before Its Release

Security researchers and hackers have had access to a leaked early version of iOS 14, the iPhone's next operating system, since at least February, Motherboard has learned.

Ohio Has Stopped Kicking Workers Off Unemployment After A Hacker Targeted Its Website

The state of Ohio has temporarily stopped denying unemployment benefits to people who refuse to work during the COVID-19 pandemic after hackers targeted the website being used to track these workers.

Hackers Turned Virginia Government Websites Into Elaborate eBooks Scam Pages

Hackers hijacked and took over control of two subdomains on the official website of the Virginia state government. For some reason, they then turned the two sites into some sort of eBook scam.

Apple’s Copyright Lawsuit Has Created a ‘Chilling Effect’ on Security Research

Last year, Apple accused a cybersecurity startup based in Florida of infringing its copyright by developing and selling software that allows customers to create virtual iPhone replicas.

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