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How ransomware actors are adding DDoS attacks to their arsenals

Many cybercriminals who sell ransomware-as-a-service campaigns offer a DDoS attack as an extra service. "It's a little bit ransom, a little bit DDoS extortion, and a lot of trouble," NETSCOUT said.

Ransomware Attackers Now Using Triple Extortion Tactics Against Victims’ Customers, Partners, and Other Third-Parties

In this tactic, the criminals send ransom demands not only to the attacked organization but to any customers, users, or other third parties that would be hurt by the leaked data.

Phishing attacks target Chase Bank customers

In a new report released Tuesday, security firm Armorblox revealed two recent phishing campaigns aimed at Chase Bank customers with an objective to steal their account credentials.

More than 16 million COVID-themed cyberattacks launched in 2020

A new report from cybersecurity company Trend Micro found that the pandemic was the main theme of nearly 16.5 million threats and attacks launched against its customers in 2020.

99.2% of US government Android users are running outdated OS versions

Android, the most popular mobile operating system, runs on plenty of devices used by U.S. government workers, but only 0.08% of those devices are running the latest version of Android, a report finds.

Researchers put the price tag of stolen streaming subscriptions at $38 million

NordVPN found 174,800 accounts for streaming services were up for resale after being stolen by this type of malware. Thieves pay for a subscription to this kind of malware, according to NordVPN.

Love is in the air—and cybercriminals are taking advantage

Over 400 malicious Valentine's Day-themed phishing individual email campaigns were spotted on a weekly basis in January, according to data collected by Check Point Research.

177% increase: Hackers grabbed 21.3 million healthcare records in the second half of 2020

The numbers are not getting better for healthcare firms trying to keep patient data out of hackers' hands. Healthcare breaches went up 36% in second half of 2020, according to analysis by CI Security.

How asset management companies are vulnerable to ransomware and phishing attacks

Asset and wealth management (AWM) companies play an important role in handling finances and investments for different clients throughout the world, which makes them tempting targets for hackers.

Cybercriminals use psychology--cybersecurity pros should, too

A recent psychological study found that people are more likely to reveal personal and confidential information in less-formal settings, such as casual conversation or on social networks.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

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