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Phishing attack impersonates Amazon Web Services to steal user credentials

The emails spoof an automated notification from AWS to try to capture Amazon account credentials, according to Abnormal Security.

Majority of COVID phishing attacks coming from US IP addresses, report finds

Cybercriminals have tried to push all kinds of scams to the masses using coronavirus-related topics, headers and organizations to get people to open malicious emails, files, or links.

Why developed countries are more vulnerable to cybercrime

Developed nations have higher incomes, technology, urbanization, and digitalization, which are all factors for greater cyber risk, says VPN provider NordVPN.

Phishing campaign exploits Symantec URL Protection to cover its tracks

Sent to an employee who works with real estate, the phishing email contained a link to a PDF that purportedly included bid details for an upcoming building project.

Credit card skimmer caught hiding behind website favicon

The website hosts a Magento favicon, which appears as a legitimate image file except when it is loaded from a compromised checkout page where it is swapped for malicious JavaScript code instead.

Ransomware attack on Colorado hospital highlights fears of more healthcare hostage situations

Cybercriminals are making millions by holding the data of healthcare institutions hostage until they get paid.

Nearly 2,000 malicious COVID-19-themed domains created every day

More than 86,600 new domains related to the pandemic are considered "risky" or "malicious," according to a new report.

Consumers have little patience for businesses hit by cyberattack

Security concerns over personal data was the sole reason for not doing business with a specific company, says a survey from Arcserve.

Research shows malware is easy to buy, own, and deploy

A new study found that malware is becoming increasingly easy to buy and deploy, even for those without technical backgrounds.

Ransomware attacks against key sectors fall amidst coronavirus outbreak

Campaigns against government agencies, educational establishments, and healthcare providers aren't proving as successful as expected, says security firm Emsisoft.

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