Researchers Could Track the GPS Location of All of California’s New Digital License Plates

After gaining access to a powerful administrative account, the researchers could perform all sorts of tasks inside Reviver, the sole company that sells the digital plates in California.

FTX Founder Deepfake Offers Refund to Victims in Verified Twitter Account Scam

A deepfake of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried circulated on Twitter on Friday, where the founder of the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange appeared to claim he could make users whole again by doubling their cryptocurrency in a typical giveaway scam.

Russian Hackers Are Publishing Stolen Abortion Records on the Dark Web

Hackers who stole a trove of data from one of Australia’s biggest private health insurers are drip-feeding sensitive details of customers' medical diagnoses and procedures, including abortions, onto the dark web.

US Government Says There’s No Reason to Worry About Election Hacking

In a public service announcement on Tuesday, the FBI and the CISA said that, as far as they know, there’s never been a successful hack against an election in the U.S., and that it’s very unlikely there will be one anytime soon.

How Ransomware Is Causing Chaos in American Schools

A total of 1,043 schools and colleges—part of 62 school districts and the campuses of 26 colleges and universities— were hit by ransomware hackers in 2021, according to cybersecurity company Emsisoft.

Sony Reintroduced a PS4 Bug on PS5 Which Could Have Led to a Jailbreak

Hackers could have jailbroken the PlayStation 5 thanks to a bug that was already discovered and patched on the PlayStation 4 in 2021, but then reappeared on the new console.
September 21, 2022

Pro-Ukraine Hacktivists Claim to Have Hacked Notorious Russian Mercenary Group

The hackers did not post any data that would help verify their claims. Motherboard could not independently verify whether the hacktivists stole the personal data of Wagner mercenaries.

China Accuses NSA of Hacking Its Military Research University

Chinese authorities said Monday they have traced the source of recent cyberattacks on the country’s Northwestern Polytechnical University to the NSA’s Office of Tailored Access Operations.

Cl0p Ransomware Gang Accessed UK Water Supplier’s Control System

Researchers who specialize in ICS cybersecurity and who have analyzed the data published by Cl0p think the gang could potentially have interfered with the systems of South Staff Water (SSW), a UK water supply provider.

Microsoft Employees Exposed Own Company’s Internal Logins

Microsoft refused to elaborate on what systems the credentials were protecting when asked multiple times by Motherboard. But generally speaking, an attacker may have an opportunity to move on to gain initial access to an internal system.

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