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Cryptocurrency Exchange Fiatusdt Exposed Sensitive Customer KYC Records, Wallet Addresses Online

The exposed database contained users' sensitive information, including screenshots of "Chat Messages" showing deposits and withdrawal amounts, KYC compliance records, identification images, transaction hashes, and wallet addresses.

Mortgage Financial Technologies Company 8Twelve Exposed 717,814 Records Online

Security researcher Jeremiah Fowler together with the Website Planet research team discovered an open and non-password-protected database that contained 717,814 records and the PII of thousands of Canadian citizens.

Credit Card Processing Company Exposed Nine Million Transaction Records Online

This data contained credit card processing information that included merchant names, payee names, partial credit card numbers, expiration dates, email addresses, security or access tokens, and more.

Global Online Retailer Leaked 1.1 Billion Records Online Including Customer Data

The total size of the dataset was 601.84 GB and the total number of documents was over 1.16 billion. Upon further research, researchers found references indicating that the data belonged to the California-based online retailer, Vevor.

TransCredit Exposes 600,000 Credit Reports, Financial and Collections Records Due to Misconfiguration

Security researcher Jeremiah Fowler, together with the Website Planet research team, discovered a non-password-protected database from TransCredit that contained 822,789 records.

US Logistics Company Exposes Data of Fortune 500 Clients via Unsecured Storage Bucket

An Amazon S3 bucket owned by D.W. Morgan was misconfigured, exposing more than 2.5 million files equating to over 100GB of data. These files relate to D.W. Morgan’s clients and their shipments.

Digital Marketing Agency Cronin Exposed Financial, Employee, and Client Data

The exposed server was named “Cronin-Main” and many of the records contained references to Cronin. These records included internal data such as employee and client information.

Medical AI Company Exposed Millions of Records Online

Security researcher Jeremiah Fowler together with the Website Planet research team discovered an unsecured database belonging to Deep6.AI that contained 886,521,320 records.

Office Depot Europe Exposed Customer Data Online: Report

The records were labeled “Production” and contained customer PIIs such as names, phone numbers, physical addresses (home and/or office), @members.ebay addresses, and hashed passwords.

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