Microsoft Teams just got this new protection against phishing attacks

The additional phishing protection in Microsoft Teams is available for organizations using Defender for Office 365 to guard against phishing attacks that use weaponized URLs.

Half of vulnerabilities Singapore government finds via bounties, disclosures are valid

Half of the security vulnerability reports the Singapore government received are via bug bounties and public disclosure schemes have been ascertained to be valid. The public sector also recorded a 44% increase in data incidents over the past year.

Brazil creates cyberattack response network

Created through a presidential decree signed on July 16, the Federal Cyber Incident Management Network will encompass the Institutional Security Office of the presidency as well as all bodies and entities under the federal government administration.

More than half of all Aussies continue to encounter forms of cyber scams in 2021

Of those Australians who encountered a scam in 2021, 9% lost money as a result, a three percentage point increase on 2018, and slightly higher than the global average of 7%.

Microsoft warns over this unusual malware that targets Windows and Linux

The LemonDuck malware is targeting both Windows and Linux systems via phishing emails, exploits, USB devices, and brute force attacks, as well as critical on-premise Exchange Server vulnerabilities.

GitHub boosts supply chain security for Go modules

According to GitHub, there are four main areas of improvement for supply chain security for Go modules, including its Advisory Database, dependency graph, Dependabot, and automatic pull requests.

These are the most dangerous and most common software vulnerabilities to watch out for

MITRE releases a list of its top 25 most dangerous software weaknesses, detailing the most common vulnerabilities which can give cybercriminals access to machines to steal data or cause crashes.

Researchers find new attack vector against Kubernetes clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances

Analysts with cybersecurity company Intezer have found that cybercriminals are now going after a new attack vector against Kubernetes clusters via misconfigured Argo Workflows instances.

Netskope report finds cloud-delivered malware increased 68% in Q2

Malware delivered over the cloud increased by 68% in Q2, according to data from Netskope. The report noted that cloud storage apps account for more than 66% of cloud malware delivery.

Uber found to have interfered with privacy of over 1 million Australians

Australian Privacy Commissioner has ordered Uber to comply with Australian Privacy Principles after finding it interfered with the privacy of 1.2 million people when it suffered a data breach in 2016.

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