Brave browser disables Google's FLoC tracking system

Brave, a Chromium-based browser, has removed Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), Google's controversial alternative identifier to third-party cookies for tracking users across websites.

Victims are spotting cyber attacks much more quickly - but there's a catch

The amount of time cybercriminals are spending inside compromised networks is dropping. But while that might sound like a positive development, one reason hackers are spending less time inside networks is because of the surge in ransomware attacks.

UK's NCSC Issues Critical Alert Against Fortinet VPN Vulnerability

The alert from the NCSC follows a report by Kaspersky detailing how cybercriminals are exploiting a Fortinet VPN vulnerability (CVE-2018-13379) to distribute ransomware by exploiting unpatched systems and remotely accessing usernames and passwords.

Criminals spread malware using website contact forms with Google URLs

Microsoft is warning businesses to beware of cybercriminals using company website contact forms to deliver the IcedID info-stealing banking trojan in email with Google URLs to employees.

These are the terrible passwords that people are still using. Here's how to do better

People are using easy-to-guess passwords, including their pet's name, family members' names, significant dates, their favorite sports team – or even 'Password', and that could be putting them at risk of their accounts being compromised.

Ransomware: The internet's biggest security crisis is getting worse. We need a way out

Organizations continue to fall victim to ransomware, and yet progress on tackling these attacks, which now constitute one of the biggest security problems on the internet, remains slow.

Critical Zoom vulnerability triggers remote code execution without user input

The researchers from Computest demonstrated a three-bug attack chain against Zoom that caused remote code execution on a target machine, and all without any form of user interaction.

Washington State Educational Organizations Targeted in Cryptojacking Campaign

According to a new advisory released by Palo Alto Network's Unit 42 team, cryptojacking incidents have recently taken place against educational institutions in Washington State.

Third-party security breach compromises data of Singapore job-matching service

Personal details of 30,000 individuals in Singapore may have been illegally accessed, following a security breach that targeted a third-party vendor of a job-matching organization on March 12.

New Janeleiro Banking Trojan Strikes Companies, Government Agencies in Brazil

A banking Trojan striking corporate targets across Brazil has been unmasked by researchers. On Tuesday, ESET published an advisory on the malware, which has been in development since 2018.

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