Cyberattacks and misinformation activity against Ukraine continues say security researchers

Even before Russia's invasion of Ukraine started, in January, the country and its government's websites were subject to defacement and tampering, with Russian hackers accused of being behind the attack.

Microsoft Warns of Fast-growing XorDDoS Botnet that Targets SSH Servers with Weak Passwords

"We found that devices first infected with XorDdos were later infected with additional malware such as the Tsunami backdoor, which further deploys the XMRig coin miner," Microsoft notes.

Russia-linked Fronton Botnet Goes Beyond Just DDoS attacks at Scale

An investigation into the Fronton botnet has revealed far more than the ability to perform DDoS attacks, with the exposure of coordinated inauthentic behavior "on a massive scale."

Singapore sets up cybersecurity assessment, certification centre

Manufacturers and developers will be able to test and certify their products at the new SG$19.5 million ($13.99 million) facility, which is launched by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University.

Wizard Spider Hackers Hire Cold Callers to Scare Ransomware Victims Into Paying Up

PRODAFT says that Wizard Spider focuses on compromising enterprise networks and "has a significant presence in almost every developed country in the world, and many emerging economies as well."

Australia: WA's unified COVID system lacked encryption and monitoring of logs

A report by the WA Office of the Auditor-General found WA Health only used encryption in its test environment, was not able to tell if any malicious activity was occurring, and lacked a contract management plan with its vendor.

FBI Warns of Hackers Using Malicious PHP Code to Steal Credit Card Data

The attackers began targeting US businesses in September 2020 by inserting malicious PHP code into the customized online checkout pages. But earlier this year, the actors changed tactics using a different PHP function.

Update: Brazilian e-commerce firm Americanas reports multimillion-dollar loss following cyberattack

The company lost 923 million Brazilian reais ($183 million) in sales after two attacks that took place between February 19 and 20 and rendered its e-commerce operation unavailable.

US prosecutors allege Venezuelan doctor is ransomware mastermind

According to Justice Department officials, Zagala is alleged to have set up a cybercriminal enterprise in which he held an economic and reputational interest in his software being used in successful cyberattacks.

Singapore launches safety rating scheme for e-commerce sites

Assessing e-commerce marketplaces based on their anti-scam measures, the scheme gives Facebook Marketplace the lowest rating while Lazada and Amazon are amongst those that received the highest.

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