10-years-old Sudo bug lets Linux users gain root-level access

A major vulnerability impacting a large chunk of the Linux ecosystem has been patched today in Sudo, an app that allows admins to delegate limited root access to other users.

ASIC reports server breached via Accellion vulnerability

"This incident is related to Accellion software used by ASIC to transfer files and attachments," the corporate regulator said in a notice posted on the evening before a public holiday.

Cybercriminals use deceased staff accounts to spread Nemty ransomware

Cybercriminals will often use brute-force attacks, phishing emails, and existing data dumps to break into corporate networks but there is one area that is often ignored to a company's detriment: ghost accounts.

Google's Threat Analysis Group Spotted North Korean Hackers Targeting Vulnerability Researchers

Google said that a North Korean government hacking group has targeted members of the cyber-security community engaging in vulnerability research. The attacks have been spotted by the Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG).

Dutch COVID-19 patient data sold on the criminal underground

Dutch police have arrested two individuals for allegedly selling data from the health ministry's COVID-19 systems on the criminal underground. The accused had advertised the stolen data on instant messaging apps like Telegram, Snapchat, and Wickr.

DreamBus botnet targets enterprise apps running on Linux servers

Analyzed in a report published last week by security firm Zscaler, the company said this new threat is a variant of an older botnet named SystemdMiner, first seen in early 2019.

Hackers Dump Personal Details, Location Info of 2.28 Million Users of MeetMindful Dating Site

The leaked data includes real names, emails, location details, body details, dating preferences, marital status, hashed passwords, Facebook user IDs, Facebook authentication tokens, and IP addresses.

SonicWall says it was hacked using zero-days in its own products

Networking device maker SonicWall has disclosed that it is investigating a security breach of its internal network after detecting what it described as a "coordinated attack."

FSB warns of US cyberattacks after Biden administration comments

The Russian government has issued a security alert warning Russian businesses of potential cyberattacks launched by the United States in response to the SolarWinds incident.

Hackers publish thousands of files after government agency refuses to pay ransom

The hackers behind the ransomware attack on the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) have published thousands of stolen files after the organisation refused to pay the ransom.

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