Microsoft outlines tactics to prevent attackers from dodging multi-factor authentication

Microsoft has outlined several mitigations to protect against attacks on multi-factor authentication that will unfortunately make life more difficult for your remote workers.

Police just launched an e-commerce fraud crackdown

The month-long operation took place in October and saw 19 countries involved in targeting criminal networks that were using stolen credit card information to order high-value goods from online shops.

FBI Warns of PC and Tech Support Scams Stealing Huge Sums of Money from Unsuspecting Users

The PSA by the FBI warns that there have been instances across the US recently of scammers posing as service representatives of software company tech support or computer repair services in attempts to trick victims into following instructions.

The real cost of ransomware is even bigger than we realised

The Ransomware Harms and the Victim Experience project, by the Royal United Service Institute and University of Kent, explores and draws attention to the psychological harms and other effects that ransomware can have on its victims and wider society.

Cloud computing is booming, but these are the challenges that lie ahead

IT and business leaders appear to finally be waking up to the fact that cybersecurity needs to be built into every business decision, particularly now that much of their day-to-day work is being conducted off-premises by distributed teams.

Shangri-La hotel data breach likely had 'minimal' impact at Singapore ministerial summit

A recent data breach that hit eight Shangri-La hotels is unlikely to have a large impact on foreign government delegates who attended a high-level defence summit in Singapore, which was held at the hotel.

UK: Not enough ransomware victims are reporting attacks, and that's a problem for everyone

Ransomware continues to be a significant cyber threat to businesses and the general public - but it's difficult to know the true impact of attacks because many victims aren't coming forward to report them.

Bosses say they're serious about cybersecurity. It's time for them to prove it

While the post-pandemic tech boom has been a blessing for tech-savvy professionals with a knack for anything software related, it has also left companies more exposed than ever to the dangers lurking in cyberspace.

These cybersecurity vulnerabilities are most popular with hackers right now - have you patched them?

According to an analysis by researchers at Digital Shadows, the most commonly discussed vulnerability among cybercriminals on underground forums over the last three months is CVE-2017-11882 – a security flaw in Microsoft Office from 2017.

These ransomware victims are making the highest ransom payments

Victims of ransomware attacks in the manufacturing and production industry are making the biggest ransom payments, with the average ransom demand paid coming in at just over $2 million.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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