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Cyware Agent: Provide SOAR Capabilities Across Environments

Cyware Agent: Provide SOAR Capabilities Across Environments

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Modern security operations involve a range of tools and technologies, some of which are deployed in the cloud while others are used on-premise for greater security and control. This creates challenges in orchestrating and automating security processes as cloud-based applications cannot always directly access solutions and data hosted on the on-premise infrastructure due to organizational policies or regulations. To address this challenge, Cyware Orchestrate now offers “Cyware Agent” as a lightweight and unique capability to orchestrate across environments and provide SOAR capabilities.

What is a Cyware Agent?
  • Cyware Agent is a lightweight integrator that bridges the operational gap between cloud applications and on-premise deployed security solutions.
  • Organizations that use on-premise deployment practices can utilize all of the advanced SOAR features of the Cyware applications deployed on the public cloud using this solution without the need for inbound firewall exceptions. 

How does it work?
  • Cyware Agent enables seamless automation interoperability between technologies hosted in customer’s on-premise infrastructure and the Cyware applications (CFTR, CTIX, Cyware Orchestrate, and CSAP) on the public cloud through a secure and dedicated orchestration gateway.
  • Cyware Agent is installed on-premise to facilitate orchestration with the cloud-based Cyware applications via outbound encrypted calls. 

Benefits of Cyware Agent
  • Organizations operating in critical sectors, such as finance, healthcare, and energy, often use on-premise solutions due to their stricter security requirements. Now, Cyware Agent allows these types of organizations to leverage extensive SOAR features in CSOL without exposing their private network or altering their infrastructure setup.
  • By utilizing Cyware Agent, organizations can accelerate their security workflows by extending the machine-speed orchestration and automation capabilities to on-premise infrastructure.
  • Cyware Agent comes with added advantages of a private/on-premise deployment, such as greater control over assets, reduction in infrastructure cost, enhanced cloud security, resiliency, and flexibility to exchange data between third-party applications.

Orchestrate and Automate Across Different Environments
A modern security technology stack involves various kinds of deployment models, underscoring the importance of the capability to orchestrate and automate workflows across different environments. Cyware Orchestrate has taken this into consideration and is enabling users to bypass limitations imposed by a walled-off on-premise infrastructure and harness efficiencies and effectiveness previously thought to be impossible.


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Posted on: October 06, 2020

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