Cyware Recognized by Tracxn as a Top Emerging Cybersecurity Company to Watch Out For

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We are proud to announce that Cyware has been named a Top Emerging Cybersecurity Company to Watch Out for by Tracxn, an accredited competitive intelligence platform. Tracxn compiled a global list of the most promising startups within the cybersecurity industry. Companies were categorized as Unicorns, valuations exceeding a billion dollars, Soonicorns, valuations over a few hundred million, and Minicorns, high growth early-stage ventures. Cyware was selected as a Minicorn alongside other industry leaders due to our accelerated growth in 2019. 

Tracxn follows innovative companies across various industries to be able to provide a selection of emerging ventures that demonstrate high growth and potential. Their list of emerging cybersecurity ventures showcases companies that are selected by internal sector specialist teams who conduct a detailed analysis to gain insights on multiple parameters such as market size, investment by marquee investors, execution excellence and future growth prospects. 
Cyware’s solutions are designed to promote collaboration between organizations and inculcate cyber resilience by de-siloizing security operations. Cyware’s products while enhancing threat visibility, also deliver the needed control by providing organizations with an automated context-rich analysis of threats for a proactive response without losing the element of human judgment. Cyware secures its clients through a wide variety of cyber fusion solutions for strategic, tactical, technical and operational threat intelligence and response automation.
Tracxn mines millions of start-ups globally to help Venture Capitalists, Corp Dev and Investment Banks track sectors of their interest. This new list of emerging cybersecurity ventures is recognizing companies with promising performance within the industry. This recognition from Tracxn demonstrates that Cyware is a leader within the threat intelligence sharing, automation, and cyber fusion solutions and will continue to make a positive impact within the industry as we continue to grow and operate at a high-performance level.

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