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Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service: An Attractive MSSP Revenue Opportunity

Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service: An Attractive MSSP Revenue Opportunity

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There are many threat intelligence sources but analyzing and making sense of threat data remains a daunting task for security teams. Cyware’s threat intelligence solutions empower managed security service providers (MSSPs) to provide scalable and actionable Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service to their customers. MSSPs can enable a new revenue stream by providing high-fidelity threat intelligence analysis, response, enrichment, sharing, and actioning services with unlimited scalability.

Scaling Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service with Multi-Tenancy

While MSSPs need to manage multiple clients, logging into a different console for every customer not only impacts their efficiency and productivity but also hampers scalability. Cyware’s threat intelligence solutions come with a multi-tenant dashboard that enables MSSPs to manage threat intelligence services for multiple client environments from a single pane of glass view that provides centralized visibility into metrics and reporting for each of the MSSPs’ customers.

Threat Intelligence Use Case Coverage

Cyware’s threat intelligence platform addresses both complex and common use cases, such as:

  • Automated threat intelligence sharing
  • Automated threat intelligence actioning
  • Malware advisory sharing
  • Vulnerability advisory sharing
  • Threat actor advisory sharing
  • Threat bulletin sharing
  • Threat intelligence assessment
  • Attack surface monitoring

How does Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service Benefit MSSPs?

Cyware’s threat intelligence solutions assist MSSPs in protecting their customers from advanced cyberattacks. Some of the critical services MSSPs can deliver include:

  • Technical Threat Intel Sharing: Sharing high-fidelity, contextual, scored, and enriched threat intelligence, including threat indicators (IOCs), and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) becomes super easy for MSSPs. This allows proactive threat detection, analysis, and mitigation for their customers.

  • Continuous Situational Awareness: Early warning malware, vulnerability, and threat actor advisories and intelligence can be easily shared with customers for constant situational awareness. Moreover, MSSPs can share role-based and industry-specific threat briefs and bulletins with CISOs, heads of SOC, threat intelligence teams, incident responders, and other security teams for better threat visibility and decision-making. 

  • Threat Intel Actioning-as-a-Service: By using Cyware Orchestrate, MSSPs can automatically orchestrate actions in their customer’s on-premise, cloud, or hybrid environment to manage threat intel actioning and proactively stop threat actors. 

Want to learn more about how Cyware enables MSSPs to scale the scope of Threat Intelligence-as-a-Service for their customers? Book a free demo with us today to find out!


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Posted on: November 29, 2022

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