Read about the cyber physical systems security and other physical threats

The expertly curated news published under this category aims to cater to the needs of emerging challenges wherein in cyber security is intricately linked to physical security of an individual and the entire state. It is being anticipated that computer systems will be used by malicious state and non-state actors to carry out physical attacks. The threat from Internet of Things devices is already well recognized. The terrorists are nowadays making use of cyber systems to cause physical harms for achieving their objectives. The anti-social elements are increasingly becoming cyber armed to conduct different kinds of robberies. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to keep a continuous watch on the transforming relationship between the cyber and physical space.

Cyber physical systems and Internet of Things play a significant role in the critical infrastructure of government as well as everyday life. The medical devices, building controls, automobile and the smart grid are some examples of cyber physical systems. Each comprises of processors, embedded sensors and actuators which sense and interact with the physical world and support the real time performance in security critical applications. With the exponential growth of these cyber physical systems, a lot of new cyber physical systems security challenges have emerged. Cyber physical security has become a global issue, thus, it is important to be aware of the cyber physical systems security updates and design robust and efficient systems. This category of Cyware broadly covers the real time cyber security news issues relating to cyber physical systems, cyber physical security, physical threats to computer systems and cyber threats to physical systems. The role of computer systems in maintaining physical security is also covered under this category.

You can enhance your skill sets with our cyber physical systems security articles and updates. At Cyware, we see both physical as well as cyber security as the integrated components of a complete security solution. This holistic view and vigilance will allow you to simplify and streamline the monitoring and protection of all your physical and cyber entry and exit points, networks, processes, systems and people. With this, you will indeed be able to secure your enterprise against the complex cyber physical security threats.