Cost Imposition Is the Point: Understanding U.S. Cyber Operations and the Strategy Behind Achieving Effects

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission intends to push the conversation forward by designing a strategy for national security that works, can be implemented and is based on accurate assumptions.

The Unique Dangers Posed by #COVID19 Phishing Scams

Besides targeting public healthcare and critical infrastructure, cybercriminals are finding new ways of using the turbulence and uncertainty to access and steal private information.

Operationalizing NSA Guidance (or any Guidance, For That Matter!)

Creating a continuous cloud monitoring program is the most important thing enterprises can do to operationalize the NSA guidance.

Deal with ransomware the way police deal with hostage situations

When faced with a ransomware attack, a person or company or government agency finds its digital data encrypted by an unknown person, and then gets a demand for a ransom.

COVID-19 puts corporate WFH capabilities to the test

IT admins, outsourced IT, and third-party vendors need secure, granular access to critical infrastructure resources regardless of location and without the hassles of a virtual private network (VPN).

GPS is Fatally Flawed. It’s Past Time to Fix It.

Bad actors have exploited the system's vulnerabilities for their own purposes. This poses a grave threat to our nation, which the government has long recognized but has refused to address.

Global tension points to a future of destructive malware

In the aftermath of major political incidents, nation-state actors are already under orders to conduct campaigns aimed at countering the incident, spreading disinformation or straightforward revenge.

The Human Element and Beyond: Why Static Passwords Aren't Enough

Most organizations continue to invest the largest chunk of their security budget on protecting the network perimeter rather than focusing on security controls which can be more protective.

What the Battle of Britain Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity's Human Element

Security leaders must learn the lessons of history and consider how the human element can make their machine-based systems more effective.

Using Mystery Novel Techniques to Track Down Cyberthreats

Analysts can position themselves to respond effectively to attackers by employing the same threat hunting tactics as fictional detectives like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.
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