What We Learn from MITRE's Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses List

The MITRE Top 25 list is compiled from NIST’s NVD database and the CVSS scores for each CVE, with a formula applied to score each weakness based on prevalence and severity.

India’s biggest 5G challenge: Ensuring that it does not lead to new cybersecurity woes

5G will bring about connected networks, devices, and apps where each activity can become a potential attack vector due to its attributes of edge computing, dynamic bandwidth sharing, among others.

Kaseya ransomware attack highlights cyber vulnerabilities of small businesses

The recent ransomware attack on software group Kaseya hit small businesses especially hard, targeting companies that often have few resources to defend themselves and highlighting long-standing vulnerabilities.

Can the US Curb China's Cyber Ambitions?

Many security experts and analysts are applauding the U.S. for calling out China's cyber behavior, especially after the White House had focused so much attention on Russia's cyber activities.

Improving cybersecurity means understanding how cyberattacks affect both governments and civilians

Increasingly, rampant cyberattacks target critical civilian infrastructures, including health facilities, pipelines, water plants, and food supply chains, as well as technology firms.

Protect your smartphone from radio-based attacks

Smartphones contain a plethora of radios – typically cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC – and it is important to understand the security implications of these wireless interfaces.

May ransomware blight all the cyber stragglers and let God sort them out

Ransomware is "totally foreseeable and preventable because it's a known problem", Rachael Falk Falk told a panel discussion at the Australian Strategy Policy Institute (ASPI) on Tuesday.

Cyberattacks Should be Treated as a National Disaster in the U.S.

Law enforcement officials have announced that a more widespread reaction will be forthcoming following the Kaseya ransomware attack that impacted over a thousand companies across the globe last week.

Ransomware shows the power and weakness of the web

Ransomware reflects the complexities and limitations of the web. We increasingly rely on computer systems that often have pretty shallow foundations when it comes to security and reliability.

Former CISA chief makes case for including election systems as critical infrastructure

"I think there are elements of the election administration function that should absolutely be considered critical infrastructure, and that is the administration element," Chris Krebs said.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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