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Aviation ISAC Partners with Cyware to Expand Automated Threat Intelligence Sharing and Response Capabilities

Aviation ISAC Partners with Cyware to Expand Automated Threat Intelligence Sharing and Response Capabilities

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NEW YORK & WILMINGTON, Del.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cyware, the industry's only Virtual Cyber Fusion Platform provider, today announced a strategic partnership with the Aviation Information and Analysis Center (A-ISAC) to provide A-ISAC and its members with the ability to collect, share, and respond to threat intelligence in a timely manner. Through this partnership, A-ISAC members will be able to leverage Cyware’s Cyber Fusion platform to run more efficient end-to-end security automation, cybersecurity operations, threat hunting, and incident response programs.

A-ISAC is the global consortium for cybersecurity information sharing across the aviation sector, including members that contract directly with the U.S. Department of Defense. Founded in 2014 by seven global aviation companies, the A-ISAC has established itself as the trusted point of coordination around cyber threats for the global aviation community.

“Over the past year, the aviation industry has faced a sharp spike in highly targeted cyber fraud, phishing, and threat actor activity,” said Jeffrey Troy, President and CEO, A-ISAC. “Cyware’s unique offering enables our stakeholders to quickly and effectively collaborate and coordinate on community-vetted, curated threat intelligence and response. The intent is to support members in improving their security operations to build resiliency against the threats targeting the aviation industry and to promote innovation in how they are managing their risk.”

A-ISAC joins dozens of other Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) and ISAC's using Cyware’s Situation Awareness Platform (CSAP) and Threat Intelligence Exchange (CTIX) to automatically collect and share security alerts on the changing threat landscape and intelligence around specific attacks.

“We are thrilled to be working with A-ISAC to help fill security gaps in the aviation sector by creating opportunities for real-time collaboration and automation of threat sharing and response,” said Anuj Goel, CEO, Cyware. “We know that the Tier-One priority for A-ISAC member organizations is improving efficiency in the security operations center (SOC) and advancing incident response. Through the power of Cyber Fusion Centers, we are able to support A-ISAC and member objectives by automating threat intelligence and transforming how they look at security orchestration.”

Cyware allows A-ISAC to collect and share security alerts on the changing threat landscape and intelligence around specific attacks in the aviation industry. With Cyware's Situation Awareness Platform (CSAP) and Threat Intelligence Exchange (CTIX), A-ISAC members can also automatically share threat intelligence, including indicators of compromise (IOCs), malware alerts, vulnerability advisories, security incidents, phishing, and spear phishing attacks among its global aviation community.

About Cyware
Cyware helps enterprise cybersecurity teams build platform-agnostic virtual cyber fusion centers. Cyware is transforming security operations by delivering the cybersecurity industry's only Virtual Cyber Fusion Center Platform with next-generation SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response) technology. As a result, organizations can increase speed and accuracy while reducing costs and analyst burnout. Cyware's Virtual Cyber Fusion solutions make secure collaboration, information sharing, and enhanced threat visibility a reality for enterprises, sharing communities (ISAC/ISAO), MSSPs, and government agencies of all sizes and needs. https://cyware.com/

About the Aviation ISAC
The Aviation ISAC (www.a-isac.com) is an international, non-profit membership association created to facilitate the timely exchange of vulnerabilities, threat intelligence, and best practices to reduce operational risks and provide the means for trusted sharing and professional exchange. With members on five continents, the A-ISAC fosters the foundation of trust underpinning aviation-focused cyber threat intelligence and information sharing designed to better protect global aviation businesses, operations, and services. Membership in the A-ISAC is open to trusted private sector global aviation companies. Our vision is a safe, secure, efficient, and resilient global air transportation system. https://www.a-isac.com


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Posted on: June 22, 2021

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