Microsoft releases a cyberattack simulator - Shall we play a game?

Microsoft has released an open-source cyberattack simulator that allows security researchers and data scientists to create simulated network environments and see how they fare against AI-controlled cyber agents.

How do I select an attack detection solution for my business?

Anuj Goel, CEO, Cyware, says that businesses should look for a solution that brings together siloed security data to boost collaboration in threat response and increases productivity using automation.

Google Cloud And Deloitte Launch Security Analytics Platform

Google Cloud and Deloitte have launched a new platform for enterprises aimed at helping companies thwart cyberthreats as the global workforce has gone remote and cloud usage has exploded.

MITRE Engenuity to assess commercial cybersecurity products’ ability to detect threats

MITRE Engenuity will assess commercial cybersecurity products’ ability to detect the threat posed by the groups commonly known as Sandworm and Wizard Spider, who use data encryption in their attacks.

Microsoft will alert Office 365 admins of Forms phishing attempts

Microsoft is adding new security warnings to the Security and Compliance Center (SCC) default alert policies to inform IT admins of detected phishing attempts abusing Microsoft Forms in their tenants.

Microsoft now forces secure RPC to block Windows Zerologon attacks

Microsoft has enabled enforcement mode for updates addressing the Windows Zerologon vulnerability on all devices that installed this month's Patch Tuesday security updates.

Microsoft to add 'nation-state activity alerts' to Defender for Office 365

Microsoft is working on adding a new security alert to the dashboard of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to notify companies when their employees are being targeted by nation-state threat actors.

Microsoft Defender now detects macOS system, app vulnerabilities

Microsoft announced that Defender for Endpoint will now also help admins discover OS and software vulnerabilities affecting macOS devices on their organization's network.

Microsoft Defender is boosting its response to malware attacks by changing a key setting

Microsoft is stepping up security for users of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint by changing a key setting, switching the default from optional automatic malware fixes to fully automatic remediation.

Microsoft Sysmon adds support for detecting Process Herpaderping attacks

Microsoft has released a new version of the Sysinternals package and updated the Sysmon utility with the ability to detect Process Herpaderping and Process Hollowing attacks.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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