November 1, 2020 - December 1, 2020

November 30, 2020

UK-based Glasswall raises $24 million to help companies eliminate file-based cyber threats

The round was led by IPGL, and several other high net worth investors including, Lord Rose, Chairman of Ocado, Lance Uggla, Chairman and CEO of IHS Markit, and Andy Bell, founder, and CEO of AJ Bell.

Back-to-Work Phishing Campaign Targeting Corporate Email Accounts

Abnormal Security detected one of the campaign’s attack emails that masqueraded as an internal notification from the recipient’s company by using spoofing techniques to disguise the sender address.

Vietnam-Linked Cyberspies Use New macOS Backdoor in Attacks

The observed sample masquerades as a Word document but it is an app bundled in a ZIP archive, which features special characters in its name, in an attempt to evade detection.

Unofficial Patch Released for Windows 7 Zero-Day Vulnerability

An unofficial patch is now available through ACROS Security’s 0patch service for a zero-day vulnerability identified earlier this month in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Australia's Department of Home Affairs wants to expand telco security reform notification requirements

In its submission to the PJCIS, Home Affairs suggested additional types of notices "with more nuanced language" to reflect various levels and types of risk and the urgency of adopting further mitigations.

It's hard to keep a big botnet down: TrickBot sputters back toward full health

Mounting evidence suggests that TrickBot, the vast botnet that both U.S. Cyber Command and a Microsoft-led coalition sought to disable around the 2020 elections, is on the mend and evolving.

Researchers Discover Biohacking Technique That Can be Used to Create Dangerous Viruses and Toxins

Academics from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev described how "unwitting" biologists and scientists could become victims of cyberattacks designed to take biological warfare to another level.

Notorious Ransomware Gang Hits Producers Of Big Brother, Master Chef And The Voice

The cybercriminals behind the DoppelPaymer ransomware have taken credit for the attack. Like many other ransomware crews, the group has taken to publicly identifying its victims on a ‘leak’ site.

Update: University of Vermont Medical Center has yet to fully recover from October cyber attack

The ransomware attack has caused variable impacts at each of its affiliates. The hospital announced that only on Tuesday it had restored access to its main electronic records system at the hospital.

Cybercriminals Target Italian Banks with Black Box Attacks

The Carabinieri of Monza dismantled the gang. The Italian law enforcement agency confirmed that the cybercrime organization stole about $950,000 in just 7 months using ATM Black Box attack.

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