Hackers Weaponize Microsoft Visual Studio Add-ins for Office to Push Malware

The technique is an alternative to sneaking into documents VBA macros that fetch malware from an external source. Since Microsoft announced it would block the execution of VBA and XL4 macros in Office by default, attackers are finding alternatives.

Researchers Warn ChatGPT Could Create Polymorphic Malware Wave

One of the many spectacular tricks ChatGPT has been able to pull off is writing highly advanced malware that actually contains no malicious code at all, making it difficult to detect and mitigate, researchers at CyberArk explained.

Why Quantum Computing Capabilities Are Creating Security Vulnerabilities Today

While data encryption and operational disruption have long troubled Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), the threat posed by emerging quantum computing capabilities is far more profound and immediate.
January 10, 2023

People are already trying to get ChatGPT to write malware

The ChatGPT AI chatbot has created plenty of excitement in the short time it has been available and now it seems it has been enlisted by some in attempts to help generate malicious code.
December 9, 2022

Cyberspace in space: The out of-this-world challenges ahead

This year has seen jamming, GPS spoofing, and other cyberattacks launched against ViaSat and Starlink internet services in Ukraine -- attacks that have coincided with Russia's invasion of the country.

Machine Learning Models: A Dangerous New Attack Vector

Threat actors can hijack machine learning (ML) models that power artificial intelligence (AI) to deploy malware and move laterally across enterprise networks, researchers have found.

ChatGPT shows promise of using AI to write malware

For even the most skilled hackers, it can take at least an hour to write a script to exploit a software vulnerability and infiltrate their target. Soon, a machine may be able to do it in mere seconds.

Cybercriminal Adoption of IPFS Rising for Phishing, Malware Campaigns

Cisco Talos has observed multiple ongoing campaigns that leverage the IPFS network to host their malware payloads and phishing kit infrastructure while facilitating other attacks.

ICO Warns of "Immature" Biometric Tech

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has warned organizations using or developing “emotion analysis” technology to act responsibly or risk facing a formal investigation.

New Alchimist C2 Framework Targets Windows, Linux, macOS

New Alchimist C2 Framework Targets Windows, Linux, macOS - Cybersecurity news - Emerging Threats
A new attack and C2 framework, dubbed Alchimist, was found capable of targeting Linux, macOS, and Windows systems. It can run arbitrary commands and perform remote shellcode execution. These kinds of frameworks have high quality, rich features, good detection evasion capabilities, and effective imp ... Read More

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