Military-Grade Air-Gapped Networks Under Attack

Military-Grade Air-Gapped Networks Under Attack - Cybersecurity news - Emerging Threats
In May 2020, the air-gapped networks of the Taiwanese and Filipino military were targeted by a China-linked group known as Tropic Trooper (or KeyBoy).

Academics steal data from air-gapped systems using PC fan vibrations

Academics from an Israeli university have proven the feasibility of using fans installed inside a computer to create controlled vibrations that can be used to steal data from air-gapped systems.

Radio frequency: An invisible espionage threat to enterprises

The cybersecurity industry has seen an increase in enterprise attacks from vulnerable RF devices.

TLS 1.3: Slow adoption of stronger web encryption is empowering the bad guys

The first iteration of TLS – 1.0 – was based upon SSL 3.0, and was published in 1999 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

Mass move to work from home in coronavirus crisis creates opening for hackers: cyber experts

As people disperse to their homes to work and study because of the coronavirus pandemic, cyber security experts say hackers will follow, seeking to take advantage and infiltrate corporations.

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