Singapore inks pact with Finland to mutually recognise IoT security labels

Singapore and Finland have inked an agreement to mutually recognize each country's cybersecurity labels for IoT devices, aimed at helping consumers assess the level of security in such products.

FIDO launches protocol to secure IoT onboarding to cloud and on-premise management platforms

The FIDO Alliance announced the launch of FIDO Device Onboard protocol, a new, open IoT standard that will enable devices to simply and securely onboard to cloud and on-premise management platforms.

Amazon Dismisses Claims Alexa 'Skills' Can Bypass Security Vetting Process

Researchers warn Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is vulnerable to malicious third-party “skills” that could leave smart-speaker owners vulnerable to a wide range of cyberattacks. The security-threat claim is roundly dismissed by Amazon.

Elektra Labs and CMU collaborate on privacy and security labels of connected health sensors

Elektra Labs and CMU researchers announced a collaboration on an innovative IoT labeling system for understanding the data rights and security practices of connected health sensors.

Smart Doorbell Disaster: Many Brands Vulnerable to Attack

Smart doorbells, designed to allow homeowners to keep an eye on unwanted and wanted visitors, can often cause more security harm than good compared to their analog door bolt alternatives.

IoT Security Foundation unveils online platform to help IoT vendors report and manage vulerabilities, an online platform designed to help IoT vendors receive, assess, manage, and mitigate vulnerability reports has been launched by the IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF).
September 29, 2020

White hat hacker infects smart coffee machine with ransowmare

Martin Hron, a senior researcher at security firm Avast, hacked the iKettle coffee maker’s third version, which costs $230, and installed ransomware, without compromising the network or router.
September 17, 2020

Coffee machines, cuddly toys, and cars: The Internet of Things devices that could put you at risk from hackers

More and more devices are being connected to corporate networks - and in many cases, organizations don't even know they're there. But cybercriminals do.

Hackers can clone your lock keys by recording clicks from smartphone

The recording helps attackers determine the time lapse between the audible clicks to identify the distance between the key ridges. This information can be processed to create several likely keys.

Did IoT Cyberattacks Just Get Serious?

Did IoT Cyberattacks Just Get Serious? - Cybersecurity news - Internet-of-Things
The advent of IoT has driven technological and economic advancements. However, this has also resulted in a rise in the number of vulnerable smart devices.

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