NCSC Provides Guidance For Securing Smart Home Security Cameras

NCSC Provides Guidance For Securing Smart Home Security Cameras - Cybersecurity news - Internet-of-Things
UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released new guidance that presents three simple steps to boost cybersecurity and make it more difficult for hackers to compromise smart camera devices.

Singapore: New cyber security label for smart devices

A cyber security label similar to the energy efficiency labels on home appliances will be rolled out to help buyers of smart devices better judge how exposed they are to cyber risks.

Smart camera and baby monitor warning given by UK's cyber-defender

Smart cameras and baby monitors can be watched by criminals over the internet by default, security chiefs warn. The NCSC is advising people to tweak the settings after buying them.
February 14, 2020

Thousands of smart cameras were exposed and open to attackers

February 14, 2020

Your Apple HomeKit devices were open to hackers, report says

February 14, 2020

Amazon will stop selling connected toy filled with security issues

Smart fridges and TVs should carry security rating, police chief says

Google's Nest security system to require 2-factor authentication for all users

February 4, 2020

Tesla and other autopilot-driven cars tricked with 2D projections

Police Warning: Cyber Criminals Are Using Cleaners to Hack Your Business

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