Bank Groups Object to Proposed Breach Notification Regulation

The American Bankers Association and three other groups have voiced objections to provisions in a cyber incident notification regulation for banks proposed by three federal agencies.

Intelligence leaders push for mandatory breach notification law

The leaders of the nation’s intelligence agencies on Wednesday joined bipartisan members of the Senate Intelligence Committee in pushing for measures to encourage the private sector to report breaches.

Biden's cyber executive order to include new rules for federal agencies, contractors

Under a forthcoming White House order, companies that do business with the federal government would have to meet software security standards and swiftly report cyber incidents to a new entity within the DHS.

Biden Extends Executive Order on Cyberattack Sanctions

President Joe Biden on Monday sent a letter to the House of Representatives and the Senate to extend an executive order regarding sanctions issued in response to cyberattacks.

Software vendors would have to disclose breaches to U.S. government users under new order draft

A planned Biden administration executive order will require many software vendors to notify federal government customers when they have a cybersecurity breach, according to a draft seen by Reuters.

Exec Order Could Force Software Vendors to Disclose Breaches to Federal Gov't Customers

In wake of the SolarWinds hack, the White House is prepping an executive order to require software vendors to notify federal government customers if they experience a breach.

Lawmakers introduce legislation to allow Americans to take foreign hackers to court

A group of bipartisan House lawmakers on Monday introduced legislation that would allow Americans to hold foreign governments and their employees accountable in court for malicious cyber activity.

EU leaders aim at boosting defense and security, including cybersecurity

During the recent video conference of the members of the European Council (25-26 February), NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg highlighted the importance to define a strategy to boost defense and security.

TikTok agrees to pay $92 million to settle teen privacy class-action lawsuit

The settlement, if approved, would lay to rest claims that the video sharing app, owned by ByteDance, wrongfully collected the private and biometric data of users including teenagers and minors.

Italian watchdog fines Facebook 7 million euros

Italy’s competition watchdog fined Facebook ~$8.5 million for not complying with a request by the regulator to correct improper commercial practices in the group’s treatment of user data.

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