US Agencies Say Cuba Ransomware Netted $60 Million From Over 100 Victims

FBI has observed Cuba ransomware actors continuing to target U.S. entities across five critical infrastructure sectors: Financial Services, Government Facilities, Healthcare and Public Health, Critical Manufacturing, and Information Technology.

Enterprise Healthcare Providers Warned of Lorenz Ransomware Threat

The human-operated Lorenz ransomware campaign is well-known for its big-game hunting of larger organizations and has claimed victims in both the healthcare and public health sectors.

Instagram Credential Phishing Attacks Bypass Microsoft Email Security, Target Thousands

As per security researchers at Armorblox, a credential phishing attack reportedly targeted 22,000 students at national educational institutions with a campaign impersonating Instagram.

Hive Ransomware Extorted $100 Million From Over 1,300 Victims, Says FBI Data

The notorious Hive ransomware follows the ransomware-as-a-service model in which developers create, maintain, and update the malware, and affiliates conduct the ransomware attacks.

FBI Warns of PC and Tech Support Scams Stealing Huge Sums of Money from Unsuspecting Users

The PSA by the FBI warns that there have been instances across the US recently of scammers posing as service representatives of software company tech support or computer repair services in attempts to trick victims into following instructions.

Ukraine CERT Says Russian Hacktivists are Using New Somnia Ransomware

The Ukraine CERT has confirmed the outbreak via an announcement on its portal, attributing the attacks to 'From Russia with Love' (FRwL), also known as 'Z-Team,' whom they track as UAC-0118.

Russian Hackers Are Publishing Stolen Abortion Records on the Dark Web

Hackers who stole a trove of data from one of Australia’s biggest private health insurers are drip-feeding sensitive details of customers' medical diagnoses and procedures, including abortions, onto the dark web.

US Health Department Warns of Venus Ransomware Targeting Healthcare Organizations via Remote Desktop Services

Venus Ransomware was first spotted in mid-August 2022 and has since been deployed across the networks of dozens of corporate victims worldwide through publicly-exposed Remote Desktop services.

US Department of Health and Human Services Warns of Iranian Threats to Healthcare Sector

The Department of Health and Human Services' Health Sector Cybersecurity Coordinating Center in a Thursday threat briefing says Tehran-backed hackers often rely on social engineering to penetrate targets that include hospitals.

China likely is stockpiling vulnerabilities, says Microsoft

Microsoft has asserted that China's offensive cyber capabilities have improved, thanks to a law that has allowed Beijing to create an arsenal of unreported software vulnerabilities.

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