NSW readies its own data breach notification scheme for state agencies

The New South Wales government is preparing a new Bill that will require public sector and state-owned entities to report a data breach to the Privacy Commissioner as well as any affected individuals.

DHS to hire 200 more cyber pros as Biden administration grapples with hacking threats

In a speech Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the cyber recruiting was part of “the most significant hiring initiative” that DHS has undertaken in its 18-year history.

CISA used new subpoena power to contact US companies vulnerable to hacking

The CISA used a new subpoena power for the first time last week to contact at least one U.S. internet service provider with customers whose software is vulnerable to hacking.

Biden administration, Congress unite in effort to tackle ransomware attacks

The Biden administration and Congress are mobilizing to confront ransomware attacks on critical organizations such as schools and hospitals, which officials have labeled a national security threat.

DOD Expands Hacker Program to All Publicly Accessible Defense Information Systems

The expansion allows for research and reporting of vulnerabilities related to all DOD publicly-accessible networks, frequency-based communication, IoT, industrial control systems, and more.

Cyberspace Solarium Commission: CISA Funding Should Increase by at Least $400M

In a letter to the House Committee on Appropriations, two members of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission are asking for an increase in funding for the CISA in the fiscal year 2022.

DARPA is creating zero-knowledge proofs for vulnerability disclosure

The research and development arm for the Pentagon has successfully demonstrated a limited set of use cases for applying zero-knowledge proofs to the software vulnerability disclosure process.

Australian government's major IT shops to help others with cybersecurity

The Australian government is planning on establishing three 'Cyber Hub' pilots that will see departments such as Defence, Home Affairs, and Services Australia provide cyber services for other ones.

Space Command to Launch Dedicated Cyber Center

News of the center was shared by the commander of US Cyber Command, General James Dickinson, during a 2022 fiscal budget hearing with US Strategic Command and Space Command last week.

Biden administration unveils plan to defend electric sector from cyberattacks

The Biden administration is buckling down on cyber threats to U.S. power infrastructure. The Department of Energy (DOE) announced a 100-day plan to help shore up the U.S. electric power system against cyber threats.

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