UK Government Launches Unit To Deal With Fake Coronavirus News

The British government has created a special unit to deal with online misinformation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus-tracking smartphone apps don't invade privacy says data watchdog

The UK's data protection watchdog – has approved the use of location tracking in order to help during the coronavirus crisis, so long as the data is anonymized to protect the privacy of individuals.

UK Government Launches Unit To Deal With Fake Coronavirus News

The Rapid Response Unit is being run by the Cabinet Office and Number 10, and is attempting to tackle everything from misinformation about the virus to criminal fraudsters running phishing scams.

Japan to Develop AI-based System to Counter Cyber Attacks

Japan’s Ministry of Defense plans to invest ¥25.6 billion ($237.12 million) in the cyber domain this year, which includes developing an Artificial Intelligence-based system to counter cyber attacks.

Europol is chasing hackers exploiting the coronavirus pandemic

One common attack vector hackers used to infect users’ systems was via fake coronavirus tracking dashboards designed to spread malware.

Coronavirus Will Not Delay Pentagon’s Contractor Cybersecurity Program, Official Says

The Defense Department officially entered into an agreement with the nonprofit corporation that will serve as the accreditation body for its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program.

FTC Warns VoIP Providers to Stop Facilitating Coronavirus Scams

The US Federal Trade Commission warned nine VoIP service providers against assisting and facilitating illegal robocalls designed to capitalize on public anxiety surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.

UK Government Uses Zoom Despite MoD Security Concerns

The British government is using popular conferencing platform Zoom to conduct Cabinet meetings, despite reported Ministry of Defence (MoD) warnings about the security implications.

Over 1,000 private entities are using Australia's document verification service

The federal government in early 2014 launched the commercial element of its DVS, a national system that allows organizations to compare a customer's information with a government record.

AusPost touts 'business-led cybersecurity risk culture' ahead of committee probe

Australia Post's ability to manage cybersecurity risks is currently under the microscope, with a Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit probing the postal service.
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