How smartphone apps extract your data via location tracking

From the location data, an app can extract personal information and asks users to give feedback on the correctness of such information as well as to rate its relevance in terms of privacy sensitivity.

Complaint Blasts TikTok’s 'Misleading' Privacy Policies

An umbrella group comprising 44 consumer-privacy watchdog organizations filed a complaint against TikTok, saying the wildly-popular video-sharing platform has “misleading” data-collection policies.

Clubhouse may be leaking data to Chinese govt: Stanford report

The Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) has confirmed that Agora, a Shanghai-based provider of real-time engagement software, supplies back-end infrastructure to the Clubhouse app.
February 16, 2021

Automating scam call blocking sees Telstra prevent up to 500,000 calls a day

Telstra said it is now blocking 6.5 million suspected scam calls a month, at times up to 500,000 a day, thanks to automating the former manual process that sat at around 1 million monthly scam calls.
January 29, 2021

Google researcher discovers new iOS security system

With the release of iOS 14 last fall, Apple has added a new security system to iPhones and iPads to protect users against attacks carried out via the iMessage instant messaging client.

Apple says new privacy notifications to roll out in 'early spring'

Apple said that new privacy pop-up notifications will start appearing on most iPhones as soon as early spring, a requirement that major digital ad firms have warned will harm their businesses.

What We Learned From Apple’s New Privacy Labels

Apps must now include so-called privacy labels, which list the types of data being collected in an easily scannable format. The labels resemble a nutrition marker on food packaging.

Bug? No, Telegram exposing its users' precise location is a feature working as 'expected'

A researcher who noted that using the "People Nearby" feature of popular messaging app Telegram exposed the exact location of the user has been told that it's working as expected.
December 16, 2020

Israeli spy tech firm says can hack Signal app previously considered safe

Israeli phone-hacking firm Cellebrite can now break into Signal, an encrypted messaging app considered safe from external snooping, it claimed in a blog post on Thursday.
November 23, 2020

Google Is Testing End-to-End Encryption in Android Messages

Google has begun rolling out end-to-end encryption for Rich Communication Service, the text-messaging standard the industry giant is pushing as an alternative to the older SMS protocol.

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