Google Play rule change disallows ad-blocking VPN apps

Google in November will prohibit Android VPN apps in its Play store from interfering with or blocking advertising, a change that may pose problems for some privacy applications.

Google Pixel 6A Can Be Unlocked By Any Fingerprint: Reports

Some Google Pixel 6a users have reported problems with its in-display fingerprint reader that allows any fingerprint (whether the owner’s or not) to unlock their new phone, raising a security concern.

Visibility into runtime threats against mobile apps and APIs still lacking

An attack against APIs that rendered a mobile app non-functional would have a significant effect on 45 percent of businesses and a major impact on an additional 30 percent, according to a new report.

Google Adds Support for DNS-over-HTTP/3 in Android to Keep DNS Queries Private

Google on Tuesday officially announced support for DNS-over-HTTP/3 (DoH3) for Android devices as part of a Google Play system update designed to keep DNS queries private.
July 19, 2022

TikTok’s ‘alarming’, ‘excessive’ data collection revealed

“The TikTok mobile application has been built with a culture that does not place privacy as a principle as most of the permissions and device information being collected are above necessary for the application to function,” a new report said.

Google Removes App Permissions List from Play Store for New 'Data Safety' Section

Following the launch of a new "Data safety" section for the Android app on the Play Store, Google appears to be readying to remove the app permissions list from both the mobile app and the web.

TikTok pauses policy switch in Europe after privacy scrutiny

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), TikTok’s lead privacy regulator for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), said the “pause” follows “engagement” between the oversight office and the tech giant yesterday.

Apple previews Lockdown Mode, a new extreme security feature

Lockdown Mode is designed for users, such as journalists or activists, who face serious digital threats from NSO Group and other private companies that are developing state-sponsored mercenary spyware.

US Senators Call for Close Look at TikTok

Leaders of the US Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday called for an investigation into whether Chinese officials are getting access to data about US users of video-snippet sharing sensation TikTok.

TikTok Assures U.S. Lawmakers it's Working to Safeguard User Data From Chinese Staff

The admission that some China-based employees can access information from U.S. users came in a letter sent to nine senators, which further noted that the procedure requires the individuals to clear numerous internal security protocols.

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