Google to require 2FA and a physical address from Android app devs

After seeing an increase in fraud and malicious developer accounts, Google announced plans to require additional identity verification from developers who want to list apps on the official Play Store.

DroidMorph Shows Popular Android Antivirus Fail to Detect Cloned Malicious Apps

A new research has found that anti-virus programs for Android continue to remain vulnerable against different permutations of malware, in what could pose a serious risk as malicious actors evolve their toolsets to better evade analysis.

A specific network name can completely disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone

A security researcher has found that a carefully crafted network name causes a bug in the networking stack of iOS and can completely disable your iPhone’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi.

Chinese government has warned 222 apps to remove data slurping code

Three weeks after a data privacy protection law has entered into effect in China, the Beijing government has begun warning mobile app developers to remove intrusive data slurping code from their apps.

Latest phones are great at thwarting Wi-Fi tracking. Other devices, not so much – study

While the paper indicates that mobile phones have become better at implementing MAC address randomization, it also highlights the lack of a standard approach has led to inconsistent implementations.

Apple prevented 1 million risky or vulnerable apps from entering App Store in 2020

In the year 2020, Apple's app review team also rejected over 215,000 iOS apps due to developers either seeking more user data than they needed or mishandling the collected user data.

Android developers will need to add iOS-like privacy information soon

App makers will also need to state whether apps need the data to function and whether users have a choice in sharing it, and whether users can request data deletion upon uninstalling an app.

16% of mobile devices in developing markets now infected with malware

A report by Secure-D reveals the scale of the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mobile ad fraud and malware. 46,000 malicious apps were detected in circulation, with a global block rate of 95 percent.

NFC Forum specifications offer cryptology security for NFC application development

The NFC Authentication Protocol 1.0 Specification (NAP 1.0) provides a framework for using cryptography to establish a secure channel and authentication as well as the bonding between two devices.

ioXt Alliance expands its Compliance Program to bring transparency to mobile apps and VPNs

The ioXt Alliance announced that it is expanding its ioXt Compliance Program with a new mobile application profile with added requirements for VPN applications to mitigate potential security risks.

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