Online Trackers Increasingly Switching to Invasive CNAME Cloaking Technique

With browsers clamping down on third-party tracking, advertising technology companies are embracing a DNS technique to evade such defenses, thereby posing a threat to web security and privacy.

Firefox's Total Cookie Protection aims to stop tracking between multiple sites

The feature is included in the web browser's latest release — alongside multiple picture-in-picture views — and essentially works by keeping cookies isolated between each site you visit.

Telegram for Windows 10 update brings a new privacy feature

As its competitors face growing data privacy concerns, Telegram for Windows has received an update that includes new privacy features that provide better control over your data.

New Chrome for iOS feature locks Incognito tabs with Face ID

Google Chrome for iOS is getting a new privacy feature that lets you lock your opened Incognito tabs behind your iPhone's Face ID or Touch ID biometric authentication features.

Apple adds 'BlastDoor' security feature to fight iMessage hacks

While largely invisible to users, BlastDoor is present on iOS 14, the most recent version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, and systems for all its other devices, company officials said.

Microsoft pulls a second Windows SSU for blocking security updates

Microsoft has pulled one more buggy Windows 10 servicing stack update (SSU), KB4601390, because it blocked customers from installing this month's security and Cumulative Updates.

Apple will proxy Safe Browsing requests to hide iOS users' IP from Google

A built-in security-focused feature in the Safari browser, "Fraudulent Website Warning," alerts users about dangerous websites that have been reported as deceptive, malicious, or harmful.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge getting this Intel security feature

The CET feature is designed to protect programs from Return Oriented Programming (ROP) and Jump Oriented Programming (JOP) attacks that modify an application's normal flow to execute malicious code.

Firefox 85 protects against supercookie tracking, removes Adobe Flash Player

Firefox 85 has cracked down on so-called ‘supercookies’ by introducing cache partitioning that blocks cross-site tracking. Supercookies are much more difficult to delete and block than usual cookies.

Microsoft rolls out Application Guard for Office to all customers

Application Guard for Office (aka Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Office) blocks files downloaded from untrusted sources from gaining access to trusted resources by opening them in sandboxes.

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