Fearing drama, Mozilla opens public consultation before worldwide Firefox DoH rollout

The browser maker's decision to open a rare public consultation period comes after the organization faced criticism last year in the UK for its plans to support DoH inside Firefox.

Starting next year, Chrome extensions will show what data they collect from users

Google will add a "Privacy practices" section on each Chrome extension's Web Store page listing what data they collect from users and what the developer plans to do with it.

Chrome 87 released with fix for NAT Slipstream attacks, broader FTP deprecation

Chrome 87 will be the first browser to block NAT Slipstream attacks by blocking access to ports 5060 and 5061, which the attack uses to bypass firewalls and network address translation (NAT) schemes.

New Zoom feature can alert room owners of possible Zoombombing disruptions

Video conferencing software maker Zoom has launched a new feature today that can alert conference organizers when their online meetings are at risk of getting disrupted via Zoombombing attacks.

Microsoft warns against SMS, voice calls for multi-factor authentication

While Microsoft urged users to employ MFA, it also warned against relying on SMS messages or voice calls to handle one-time passcodes (OTPs) because phone-based protocols are fundamentally insecure.

FTC Says Zoom Misled Users on Its Security for Meetings

Federal regulators are requiring Zoom to strengthen its security in a proposed settlement of allegations that the video conferencing service misled users about its level of security for meetings.

New Slipstream NAT bypass attacks to be blocked by browsers

Web browser vendors are planning to block a new attack technique that would allow attackers to bypass a victim's NAT, firewall, or router to gain access to any TCP/UDP service hosted on their devices.

Google Chrome to block JavaScript redirects on web page URL clicks

Google Chrome is getting a new feature that increases security when clicking on web page links that open URLs in a new window or tab, which could be used to redirect users to malicious pages.

Chrome first-party product exemption a bug, says Google after user flags issue

"We are aware of a bug in Chrome that is impacting how cookies are cleared on some first-party Google websites. We are investigating the issue, and plan to roll out a fix...," Google acknowledged.

Git's move away from SHA-1: Version 2.29 brings experimental SHA-256 support

The latest version of Linus Torvalds' Git version-control system brings experimental support for the SHA-256 cryptographic hash, moving it away from its reliance on the less safe SHA-1.

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