Researcher Finds Way to Exploit Browser Bookmarks as Covert Data Exfiltration Channel

Two universal and seemingly innocuous browser features – the ability to create bookmarks (aka “favorites”) and browser synchronization – make users’ lives easier, but may also allow hackers to establish a covert data exfiltration channel.

Adobe Acrobat may block antivirus tools from monitoring PDF files

Adobe’s product is checking if components from 30 security products are loaded into its processes and likely blocks them, essentially denying them from monitoring for malicious activity.

Network change in data centres caused outage, not cyber attack: Cloudflare

Digital infrastructure services provider Cloudflare, which suffered an outage on Tuesday, said that the issue occurred because of a network change, not owing to a cyberattack.

RubyGems trials 2FA-by-default in code repo’s latest security effort

The package manager has started alerting the maintainers of gems with more than 165 million downloads via the RubyGems command-line tool and website, recommending that they enable MFA on their accounts.

It’s official, today you can say goodbye to Internet Explorer. Or can you?

The retirement consists of two phases. During the first phase—the redirection phase—devices will be progressively redirected from IE to Microsoft Edge over the following months.

Account Pre-Hijacking Emerges as Potential Threat

Account Pre-Hijacking Emerges as Potential Threat - Cybersecurity news - Computer, Internet Security
Researchers analyzed 75 websites from the Alexa top 150 websites and discovered that 35 of them were prone to at least one of the five attack methods falling under the umbrella of account pre-hijacking.

Singapore launches safety rating scheme for e-commerce sites

Assessing e-commerce marketplaces based on their anti-scam measures, the scheme gives Facebook Marketplace the lowest rating while Lazada and Amazon are amongst those that received the highest.

Google Fights Phishing With Updated Workspace Notifications

Instead of just showing the name, now, Google is including the commenter's email address in Workspace comment notifications, so that users can better assess the legitimacy of the message.

Google expands security protections for Ukrainian users

Google announced on Tuesday that it was increasing security measures to help protect Ukrainian civilians and websites, following similar moves by other technology giants in recent days.

Inside the Lab Where Intel Tries to Hack Its Own Chips

Five years ago, Intel launched a dedicated hardware hacking group known as Intel Security Threat Analysis and Reverse Engineering (iSTARE) to analyze and attack Intel's future generations of chips.

Defend Against Threats with Cyber Fusion

Cyware is the leading provider of cyber fusion solutions that power threat intelligence sharing , end-to-end automation and 360-degree threat response.

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