Microsoft Edge Adds Security Mode to Thwart Malware Attacks

The feature improves user security on the Internet with the help of Hardware-enforced Stack Protection, Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG), and Content Flow Guard (CFG), according to a Microsoft document.

Chrome will limit access to private networks, citing security reasons

The new PNA specification adds a mechanism inside the Chrome browser through which internet sites can ask systems inside local networks for permission before establishing a connection.

Microsoft Defender Log4j scanner triggers false positive alerts

While this Defender process' behavior is tagged as malicious, there's nothing to worry about since these are false positives, as revealed by Tomer Teller, Principal Group PM Manager at Microsoft.

Opera browser working on clipboard anti-hijacking feature

The Opera browser team is working on a new clipboard monitoring and protection system called Paste Protection, which aims to prevent content hijacking and snooping by warning users of such activity.

Western Digital customers have to update their My Cloud devices to latest firmware version

Western Digital is urging customers to update their WD My Cloud devices to the latest firmware version to keep receiving security updates on My Cloud OS firmware that is reaching the end of support.

Europe’s quantum communication plans: Defending against state-sponsored cyber attacks

Europe’s foray into quantum communication is extremely promising. It establishes a secure form of encryption, protecting communications against eavesdropping or even from being controlled by a hacker.

Countries Team Up to Issue Video Teleconference Guidance

The joint signatories who issued the guidance supported calls for industry-standard encryption as a minimum requirement and welcomed the development and implementation of end-to-end encryption.

Inside Apple: How macOS attacks are evolving

Transparency, Consent, and Control (TCC) is a system for requiring user consent to access certain data, via prompts confirming that the user is okay with an app accessing that data.

Google to auto-enable 2FA for 150 million users

Google is going to automatically enroll 150 million users and two million YouTube creators in to using two-factor authentication for their accounts by the end of the year, it announced on Tuesday.

Device ‘breakage’ concerns persist days before Let’s Encrypt root cert expiry

Let’s Encrypt’s root certificate is expiring in little over a week, breaking a chain of trust that could result in widespread problems. The certificate currently used will expire on September 30.

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