Stack Overflow 2019 hack was guided by advice from none other than Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has published details of a breach from May 2019, finding evidence that an intruder in its systems made extensive use of Stack Overflow itself to determine how to make the next move.

In the Wake of the SolarWinds Hack, Here's How Businesses Should Respond

Throughout 2020, businesses have had their hands full with IT challenges. They had to rush to accommodate a sudden shift to remote work and navigate a rapid adoption of automation technologies.

US Justice Department issues rare charges against ransomware operator

The U.S. has struck a rare blow against an international ransomware gang, charging one alleged member of a hacker ring that has shut down health care facilities, colleges, and utilities companies.

New Zealand financial markets regulator says NZX failed to meet tech standards

New Zealand’s financial markets regulator said the country’s stock exchange operator’s systems were “insufficient” following a probe into the multiple outages and cyber attacks last year.

Here's how a researcher broke into Microsoft VS Code's GitHub

Researcher RyotaK discovered a vulnerability in the VS Code's Continuous Integration (CI) script that let him break into Microsoft VS Code's official GitHub repository and commit files.

Hundreds of Industrial Organizations Received Sunburst Malware in SolarWinds Attack

Kaspersky’s industrial cybersecurity researchers analyzed a list of nearly 2,000 domains impacted by Sunburst and estimated that roughly 32% of them were associated with industrial organizations.

2 Arrested for Alleged Theft of COVID-19 Patient Data

Police in the Netherlands have arrested two health ministry workers for allegedly stealing COVID-19 patient data from the agency's systems and offering it for sale online.

ASIC reports server breached via Accellion vulnerability

"This incident is related to Accellion software used by ASIC to transfer files and attachments," the corporate regulator said in a notice posted on the evening before a public holiday.

Grindr faces $11.7 million fine in Norway for breach of data privacy

Norway's Data Protection Authority said on Tuesday it plans to fine dating app Grindr about $11.7 million for what the regulator said was illegal disclosure of user data to advertising firms.

Mimecast links security breach to SolarWinds hackers

Email security company Mimecast has confirmed today that the threat actor behind the SolarWinds supply-chain attack is behind the security breach it disclosed earlier this month.

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