CISA releases tool to review Microsoft 365 post-compromise activity

The new tool helps security teams visualize and analyze data outputs generated using Sparrow, an open-source PowerShell-based tool for detecting potentially compromised applications and accounts.

SAP partners with Onapsis to mitigate active threats against unprotected SAP applications

SAP and Onapsis jointly released a cyber threat intelligence report providing actionable information on how malicious threat actors are targeting unprotected mission-critical SAP applications.

PHP Site's User Database Was Hacked In Recent Source Code Backdoor Attack

PHP maintainers issued an update regarding the recent security incident, stating that attackers may have hacked a user database containing passwords to make unauthorized changes to the repository.

Coca-Cola trade secret theft underscores importance of insider threat early detection

A research engineer used basic exfiltration techniques to steal trade secrets from Coca-Cola, but wasn't caught until she attempted to steal similar data from another company.

Sierra Wireless resumes production after ransomware attack

The Canadian multinational added that the ransomware attack did not impact its customer-facing products and services since the affected internal IT systems are separated.

Update: Capital One notifies more clients of SSNs exposed in 2019 data breach

While the breach notification letters might seem out of place almost two years after the incident, they were prompted by new findings while analyzing data stolen during the 2019 security breach.

Qualys: Attackers trying to make breach exposure look worse than it is

Cloud security company Qualys said that follow-up investigations have confirmed that the data breach it suffered in late 2020 and early 2021 was limited to customer data housed on third-party service provider Accellion’s file transfer system.

CNA shares details about ransomware attack, recovery effort

The company, one of the biggest players in cybersecurity insurance specifically, had previously acknowledged an attack, but stopped short of specifying exactly what kind.

Ransomware gang wanted $40 million in Florida schools cyberattack

Fueled by large payments from victims, ransomware gangs have started to demand ridiculous ransom payments from organizations that can not afford to pay them. One such example is the Broward County Public Schools where hackers demanded $40 Million.

Leaker Dismisses MobiKwik's Not-So-Nimble Breach Denial

A broker of breached data claims via dedicated .onion leak site to have deleted 8TB of stolen MobiKwik customer data that the company denies was stolen. The listing for 8.2TB of stolen data was withdrawn by a cybercrime forum seller.

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