Inside a ransomware attack: From the first breach to the ransom demand

Security researchers have revealed the anatomy of a ransomware attack, showing how cyber criminals gained access to a network and deployed ransomware -- all in the space of just two weeks.

Italian Data Protection Authority Fines UniCredit Bank Nearly $677,000 for Pre-GDPR Data Breach

Italian Data Protection Authority announced that it levied a nearly $677,000 fine on banking firm UniCredit for several violations of the Italian Personal Data Protection Code, in its pre-GDPR form.

UK court shuts down scam cryptocurrency platform GPay Ltd, £1.5 million in client funds lost

The UK High Court has ordered the closure and wind-up of GPay, a cryptocurrency platform that scammed traders through fake celebrity endorsements.

UCSF paid $1.4 million ransom in NetWalker attack

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) ponied up $1.4 million to hackers to retrieve data encrypted during a NetWalker ransomware attack disclosed in early June.

California university paid $1.14 million to hackers after ransomware attack

The University of California, paid hackers $1.14 million to resolve a ransomware attack. The university is working with a team of cybersecurity contractors to restore the hampered servers “soon.”

Police Raids Target Users of Illegal Online Forum in Germany

Police in Germany have arrested 32 people and detained 11 after nationwide raids targeting users of an illegal online platform, prosecutors in Frankfurt and Bamberg said Wednesday.

Lion gets breweries up and running following ransomware attack

In an update on Friday, Lion said it has managed to get all of its breweries back up and running, and that its dairy and juice sites are also operational.

Canada's LifeLabs failed to protect customer data, privacy commissioners find

Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) of Ontario ordered LifeLabs to improve and clarify its data protection policies, as well as better inform individuals who had their information breached.

Twitter bans DDoSecrets account over 'BlueLeaks' police data dump

A Twitter spokesperson told ZDNet that they've permanently suspended the @DDoSecrets Twitter account for violating its policy about the distribution of hacked data.

Indonesia Denies COVID19 Test Data Breach

The government's denial of a data breach was seconded on June 21 by the National Cyber and Encryption Agency, according to local Indonesian media.

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