Hackers Are Taking Over Twitter Accounts to Advertise Face Masks

Hackers have taken over a wave of Twitter accounts to aggressively advertise a website that claims to be selling face masks and toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic.

CEO Claims More Fake LinkedIn Users Are Claiming to be Employees

Numerous LinkedIn users are claiming to work for established companies, with the companies often left powerless to act upon this problem.

Inside an Instagram Celebrity Hacking Campaign

The hackers had just taken over the Instagram account of an adult entertainment star with nearly two million followers and were now asking her for $5,000 to hand the account back to its owner.
February 14, 2020

While encrypted chat apps suffer setbacks, Wickr says it works everywhere

February 14, 2020

Facebook pulls down over 800 pages, accounts ahead of midterm elections

February 14, 2020

Facebook puts a bounty on apps that abuse your data

February 14, 2020

Fake likes: Researchers uncover Facebook 'collusion networks'

Twitter suspends ‘large network’ of fake accounts used to match phone numbers to users

CEOs are deleting their social media accounts to protect against hackers

Facebook Sues Company For Hijacking Accounts to Run Bad Ads

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