The Revival of Dark Caracal

The Revival of Dark Caracal - Cybersecurity news - Threat Actors
The Dark Caracal APT group is believed to be linked to a Lebanese intelligence agency. It was discovered leveraging a new strain of the 13-year-old Bandook trojan in its latest attacks.

Claims of ties between ransomware groups met with skepticism among threat researchers

Skepticism flowed on Twitter after a researcher posted about claims from ransomware gang REvil that EvilCorp and Maze are actually one group operated by eight people with ties to Russian government.

Indian National Gets 20-Year Jail in United States for Running Scam Call Centers

An Indian national was sentenced to 20 years in prison for operating and funding India-based call centers that defrauded US victims out of millions of dollars between 2013 and 2016.

Nation-State Hackers Caught Hiding Espionage Activities Behind Crypto Miners

A nation-state actor known for its espionage campaigns since 2012 is now using coin miner techniques to stay under the radar and establish persistence on victim systems, according to new research.
November 27, 2020

Hackers Love Expired Domains

Attackers typically perform reconnaissance to ascertain whether or not an expired domain is valuable to them. If it's used within a plugin to load a Javascript resource, it would be a perfect target.

Chinese TA416 Exemplifies Persistence with Modifications to its Toolsets

Chinese TA416 Exemplifies Persistence with Modifications to its Toolsets - Cybersecurity news - Threat Actors
Chinese TA416 hackers are on the hunt for new victims as security firms discover its newly-upgraded PlugX malware, a trojan virus that is used against diplomatic targets through phishing attacks.
November 26, 2020

Three members of TMT cybercrime group arrested in Nigeria

Three Nigerians suspected of being part of a cybercrime group that has made tens of thousands of victims around the world have been arrested today in Lagos, Nigeria, Interpol reported.

OceanLotus Still Going Strong

OceanLotus Still Going Strong - Cybersecurity news - Threat Actors
According to recent research, OceanLotus (also known as APT32) has launched a campaign against the Cambodian government leveraging an ASEAN-themed spear-phishing attack.

Dreaming a Little FunnyDream

Dreaming a Little FunnyDream - Cybersecurity news - Threat Actors
Bitdefender researchers discovered a Chinese APT group stealthily attack Southeast Asian governments. Although much of the C&C servers were found to be offline, the operations are still functional.
November 24, 2020

Chinese APT Group Returns to Target Catholic Church and Diplomatic Groups

Chinese APT group TA416, whose previous activity has been attributed to "Mustang Panda" and "RedDelta," has resumed attack activity following a brief hiatus, Proofpoint researchers report.

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