Iran updates budget to allocate $71.4 million to 'cyberspace' operations

The Tehran government has updated its national budget to allocate an extra $71.4 million for the cyberspace programs of two government-controlled organizations, IRIB and IDO.

U.S. Takes Aim at Russia’s Cyber Ops Ecosystem

Russian tech companies identified and sanctioned by the US Treasury Department include ERA Technopolis, Pasit AO, SVA, Neobit OOO, Advanced System Technology, and Pozitiv Teknolodzhiz.

'Simple Photoshop': how a Pakistani counterfeiter may have aided Russian trolls

Amid the cascade of U.S. sanctions imposed on Russian cybersecurity companies and officials alleged to be operating on behalf of the Kremlin’s intelligence services, one company stood out: the Fresh Air Farm House in Karachi, Pakistan.

How the Kremlin provides a safe harbor for ransomware

A global epidemic of digital extortion known as ransomware is crippling local governments, hospitals, school districts, and businesses by scrambling their data files until they pay up. Law enforcement has been largely powerless to stop it.

Months after hack, US poised to announce sanctions on Russia

The Biden administration is preparing to announce sanctions and the expulsion of diplomats from the U.S. in response to a massive Russian hacking campaign that breached vital federal agencies, as well as for election interference.

India seeks US help as China-backed hacks threaten military

India’s top military official says the country plans to seek help from the US and other countries to shore up its defense infrastructure that is vulnerable to China-backed cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attacks have potential to spark armed conflict

The study, conducted by Mike McGuire a senior lecturer in criminology at the University of Surrey, reveals that the world is coming increasingly close to nation-state retaliating against cyber-attacks with violence.

Watch out for Russia and China, UK's cyber security boss says

Russia poses the most acute immediate threat to the United Kingdom in cyberspace while China’s ambition to be dominant in a host of new technologies will transform the 21st Century world we live in, the head of Britain’s cybersecurity center said.

Russian government warns of US retaliatory cyberattacks

While Russia has continued to deny its involvement in the attacks, as first reported by ZDNet, the Russia's NKTsKI issued a warning to Russian organizations to improve their networks' security.

FSB warns of US cyberattacks after Biden administration comments

The Russian government has issued a security alert warning Russian businesses of potential cyberattacks launched by the United States in response to the SolarWinds incident.

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