Russian government warns of US retaliatory cyberattacks

While Russia has continued to deny its involvement in the attacks, as first reported by ZDNet, the Russia's NKTsKI issued a warning to Russian organizations to improve their networks' security.

FSB warns of US cyberattacks after Biden administration comments

The Russian government has issued a security alert warning Russian businesses of potential cyberattacks launched by the United States in response to the SolarWinds incident.

Iranian venture firm investing in cyber tech is subject of US sanctions

Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control identified the firm, Barkat Ventures, as an arm of an organization that the supreme leader of Iran controls called EIKO, short for Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order.

China Used Stolen Data to Expose CIA Operatives in Africa and Europe

Around 2013, U.S. intelligence began noticing an alarming pattern: Undercover CIA personnel, flying into countries in Africa and Europe for sensitive work, were being rapidly and successfully identified by Chinese intelligence.

Russia Officially Denies Large-scale US Hack

While the US has not publicly identified the attackers, Reuters reported that "three of the people familiar with the investigation said Russia is currently believed to be responsible for the attack."

Romney calls for response 'of like magnitude or greater' to Russia hack

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) called for a response to a cyberattack on U.S. government systems on Sunday, and said that Russia should face consequences for its alleged involvement.

Russia's Hack Wasn't Cyberwar. That Complicates US Strategy

Because states routinely spy on one another—friends and foes alike—there are a very limited number of credible punishments states can use to threaten others into not spying.

Russia had nothing to do with suspected U.S. Treasury email snooping, says Kremlin

People familiar with the matter told Reuters the hackers were believed to be working for Russia and that they feared the hacks uncovered so far may be the tip of the iceberg.

Spear-Phishing Campaigns Targeting Entities in Tibet and Taiwan

Spear-Phishing Campaigns Targeting Entities in Tibet and Taiwan - Cybersecurity news - Geopolitical, Terrorism
A newly discovered malware strain observed as part of the arsenal of an as-of-yet unidentified hacker group targeting Taiwanese legislators.

The NSA Warns That Russia Is Attacking Remote Work Platforms

In addition to warning about the VMware bug, the NSA emphasized that it "encourages NSS, DoD and DIB network administrators to prioritize mitigation of the vulnerability on affected servers."

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